Two firefighters were injured while putting out a blaze at the Woodland Park Zoo. A building that once contained the attraction's nocturnal animals exhibit caught on fire around 3:15 Thursday. The exhibit was closed in 2010 due to financial problems and the zoo initially said there were no animals inside the building at the time of the blaze, though later stated that there were six small turtles inside. Visitors have been evacuated and animals in nearby exhibits have been relocated to protect them from the flames and heavy smoke.

Video posted on Facebook by KIRO 7 shows the smoke pouring out a hole in the roof of the building:

BREAKING: A large fire is burning at the Woodland Park Zoo. One person was injured; the extent of their injuries is unknown. Some animals have been transported for their safety & assessment.

Posted by KIRO 7 News on Thursday, December 15, 2016

The two firefighters sustained minor injuries and the condition of the turtles is currently unknown. No other animals were hurt, though they still, at last check, live in a zoo.

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UPDATE: Here's a statement from the Woodland Park Zoo.

There were early indications that no animals were harmed, however, it was later learned that six small turtles were in a hibernation chamber in the Night Exhibit building; their condition is unknown at this time. We know this is hard to hear and we will update you as soon as we have more information. Zoo staff have retrieved all the animals from the Day Exhibit, which sits next door and houses reptiles, amphibians and a tree kangaroo. Heat was lost in the building and these animals were evacuated because they are temperature-sensitive. Our staff have moved these animals to safe, warm spaces in other areas of the zoo for temporary holding.

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