California Tells Trump It Will Launch Its Own Damn Satellite to Monitor Climate Change


OK, I'm seeing Charles here write that CA has a GDP of $2.5 billion, and I'm reminded of Dr. Evil demanding a ransom of $1 million.

But hey, a billion here, a billion there, pretty soon, you're talking real money.
Don't turn it into an urban/rural beef, Charles. There are plenty of people in the interior who recognize climate change as a real problem, even if they don't have to deal with sea rise on the coast.
Per my comment @1, no sooner do I post this than I see it's corrected.
These three states need to create our own Public Option Health Care Plan for our citizens. The hell with DC.
@2 then why do they keep voting Republican?

"Plenty of people in the interior" =/= "the majority of people in the interior", just sayin'...

Also, record cold temps, blizzards, etc., is PROOF that Global Warming is a hoax (because of course, nothing exists below the equator)...
@6, Russian trick*
Muddy whines about electoral college, seceding and TERRIFYING GLOBAL WARMING...what is it with these Coastal Urban Elites that just have to barf all over everyone. Atleast he'll stay busy at the stranger...captive audience lapping up the slop.
Abortion & guns
@10 - Wow. Really? "Muddy"? Why did you call Charles that word? That's not his name you know.

@12 - Yep. Also, fear and racism.
An avowed Marxist's solution for climate change curiously also happens to involve the destruction of capitalism. How convenient?
Rock on, California! Climate change is real. They know--they're feeling it with severe droughts, smog, and wildfires.
The sea levels were supposed to have risen by now. They have not. Our mountains continue to get snow. Let me know when it is warm enough to grow watermelons in Seattle.
@16: Sea levels are rising. Oceans are acidifying. Marine life (i.e., orcas, salmon, herring, et. al) is dying from starvation We are not getting as much snow as we have in past years to fill our reservoirs to sufficiently meet demand in water usage. Glacial ice in the Arctic is melting rapidly. Ring any bells?
Check the weather reports---climate change is also happening with irregular weather patterns.
Stormy, windy, icy where you are? Driving conditions extra scary? Climate change deniers are the "hoax".