Guest Editorial: Safe Consumption Sites Can Save Lives Like My Daughter's


I am so sorry for your beautiful daughter, no words I can say. Yet I am torn about SCS. Heroin is and never will be safe.
Neither of my sons have taken heroin or meth. But then I was an involved parent.
Arty Zifferelli, Show a little respect and humanity. Somehow I doubt your sons are the angels they make them selves out to be to you, their helicopter parent.
So there's going to be a "supervisor" at these sites? And they're going to administer naxalone to those they deem to be overdosing? Just a thought, have you ever given narcan to anyone? They're usually less than pleased with the person that did it. How are we going to make these "safer places" also safe for those supervisors? In theory, this is a good idea; it just seems a bit half-baked.
Those of you who believe "my child would never" share a belief that most parents whose lost a child to heroin overdose used to believe. Addition doesn't have a neighborhood or income target. It crosses all of society.

For those who think it's a bad idea because it's not safe or just "encourages" heroin use, you need to look at Vancouver BC's program and how it's helping reduce overdoses and connecting people to rehabilitation facilities.

What are we waiting for? How many must die before we say that's enough?
I'm sorry for your loss, sir, but I believe we will save more people with accessible treatment pathways, not SCS. So many people are asking for treatment and not getting it. What are we going to do, set up SCS and tell people, sorry, a treatment bed is not available, there is your booth? And what about the younger gen? Normalizing this behavior will do nothing for the kids who are 3 and 8 and 10 years old. Think about it from the perpective of a young family. Vancouver Insite has a very poor treatment record. Their problem is ballooning to such an extent they are setting up tents in alleys. I agree this is a nightmare. But the only way out is prevention and treatment.
I'm so sorry for your loss, Michael. This is a terrible epidemic we are facing. Thank you for sharing your story and I wish you and your family the grace of healing the enormous pain you must bear.