Here's the first teaser for next year's Blade Runner 2049, and I don't know why I'm even bothering typing right now since if you've got a working circuit in your brain you've already hit the play button.

We're in a strange time in terms of pop culture—a time when box-office bombs from the past are resurrected into blockbusters, when franchises are the only things most studios are focused on, and when even something as insane-sounding as a Blade Runner sequel actually exists. And not only exists, but brings together some of the greatest filmmakers working today: Director Denis Villeneuve and cinematographer Roger Deakins are working from a story by one of the original Blade Runner's screenwriters, Hampton Fancher. This thing stars Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford and Robin Wright, and features music by Jóhann Jóhannsson. (Vangelis is saying his feelings aren't hurt, but you know they are. Sorry, Vangelis!)

On the other hand, Jared Leto is in it, so this could all go to shit.

If you'd asked me a few years ago if a Blade Runner sequel was ever going to happen, I'd have smacked the blasphemy out of your mouth. If you'd asked me even a few months ago if I would be excited for a sequel to Blade Runner—which remains, in all of its different cuts, remarkable and powerful and unique, and, maybe most importantly, not needing a sequel—I'd have strongly suggested that you never speak to me again. And yet here we are, with an ad for a Villeneuve Blade Runner that, if nothing else, suggests 2049 might do a pretty good job approximating the aesthetics and tone of Ridley Scott's 1982 classic.

So: Who knows. Strange times.

Villeneuve's Arrival is in theaters now, and if you haven't seen it already, fix that immediat

*Jared Leto's Joker kicks down the door, starts frantically waving at everybody*

*studio audience boos*