Fact Check: How Many Kids Are Being Held at the Juvenile Detention Center?


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@9 You're not likely to accomplish much if your worldview is constrained by whether or not a 12 year old thinks something is funny.
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Too bad the thread has already turned to shit, but ...

This post seems to be a conspicuous example of actual journalism. Good work!
so apologies for not doing the math yet, but the average daily population is not the number you would need to size the facility. The fact that the average is ~60 indicates that the population on any given day could be greater than 60. Id want to see the 97.5% non-exceedance number, or something similar.
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Jesus, Stranger. Do some fricking moderating. Hire an intern or something.
@25 has nailed it.

If this post meets your apparently low standards for "actual journalism," well, then you have been fully absorbed into the unquestioning spew that the Stranger hacks up each day. Well past the jump, the article mentions that the entire narrative of the anti-center crowd is off-base, after rambling through numbers that don't address the actual issue. Here's the red meat: "the project budget is dedicated to a juvenile detention center that cuts the county’s juvenile detention bed count in half, while adding space for a King County Library site, a spiritual center, mental health services and an activity room dedicated to creative writing, yoga, improv performance training and mentoring programs. It’s also designed flexibly so that if the juvenile detention population continues to decline, more bed halls can be converted into non-detention program space."
I agree with the protesters, it would be horrible if these kids were moved to a new, clean and modern facility where they can get access to more social services.

Much better to just let them stew longer in the conditions that drove them to be violent.
The problem isn't with the kids; it's with the absent, shit-stains they have for "parents." Addressing how to keep morons from having kids is where the money should be spent; not on housing their predictably horrendous offspring.
Let's pretend none of our kids out there are scary violent fuckups before they're legal adults, good plan
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@35 Good for you, all workers should be paid for their labor.
Dan is correct @35, the paper stopped laughing about not paying their interns when they started stumping for $15/hour, and they realized the optics were bad.

They used to think exploiting them for free labor was a really funny joke, if anyone else remembers those days.

There is one credible report of Trump supporters being attacked, and dozens of examples of Trump supporters attacking people - and numerous examples of Trump actually encouraging the latter from the podium. Take your right-wing victimhood and shove it up your ass.

Addressing how to keep morons from having kids is where the money should be spent; not on housing their predictably horrendous offspring.

Great idea! Perhaps you can help get the ball rolling by describing what worked for you?