King County Sheriff Instructed Investigators to Ignore a Colleague’s Rape Claim Against Him, Lawsuit Alleges


Now that is the kind of story TS likes to shine a light on!
"Likewise, the Sheriff’s Office typically does not investigate claims where the complainant does not have credibility." Who decides who has credibility and who does not? This is why it took law enforcement so long to catch the Green River Killer, the victims and their families had no credibility. Further, for the Sheriff to not recuse himself in a misconduct case where he was the subject of the investigation is grotesque.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
The next time you ask yourself why nobody trusts the cops, this is why.

They're corrupt as hell. Remember that Tacoma Police Chief that shot his wife a few years ago? Or the ones in Cleveland that shot Tamir Rice?

The law doesn't apply to them. They can rape and murder anyone they please.

To protect and to serve. Huh. Who's going to protect us from you?
Leige Lord High Sheriffs have the right to rape their subordinates whenever they please without any sanctions. That's why thousands of unprocessed rape kits have piled up in King County and statewide.
@5, You don't understand how self-defense law applies to everybody. When some civilian (and they justifiably kill almost as many people as cops do every year) kills someone claiming self-defense and isn't prosecuted, it gets no press coverage. Rest assured the facts in those civilian cases are just as ambiguous, the eyewitness testimony just as one-sided and self-interested, with nobody to tell the deceased's side of things, as it is with cops.