The most famous hologram in the known universe.
The most famous hologram in the known universe. Lucas Films

One of the many pleasures of Rogue One is the appearance of Princess Leia. (My favorite pleasure from that film, though, is the deactivated star destroyer crashing with an active one, and the fiery fall of both into a bluish force field that surrounds a planet and protects the Empire's tropical data storage base.) To prevent a spoiler, I will not mention why or when this happens, but her very brief appearance (a digitally recreated young Carrie Fisher), was like hearing the long and deep echo that crowns the opening of King Tubby's Chapter of Money Dub (at 0:14) or the end of Holy Other's "Touch" (at 2:26). The image of a computer generated Princess Leia seen in 2016 echoed so deeply, so richly (indeed, so galactically) with the image of Princess Leia seen in 1977 in Star Wars: A New Hope. And so, Fisher entered pop life as a hologram and leaves it as a virtual actress. The future may worship her as the mother of the new nature, the mother of what the movie image will eventually become, idoru.