That kid's parents should sue the guy's estate for damages.
I agree with @1 - that kid did not ask for the trauma and guilt. I feel really bad for him.
I love Dan's GUNS columns. Thank you Dan.
Another Darwin Award winner. And let him be an example to all.

Never hand a loaded gun to someone.

Never accept a gun from someone until until you are sure it is not loaded.

If you can't tell if it is loaded or not, get the fuck away from that gun and that person. You could save a life and you will help educate a moron.

And #1 is right. The child is the victim here
And nothing of value was lost.

One thing though:
Harmon apparently let the teenager handle the weapon, which went off while the boy was holding it
It annoys me to no end when people say a gun "went off." They don't just "go off." The kid pulled the trigger.
Seems rather hypocritical for all you libs to gleefully hand out karma points and darwin awards in celebration gun violence.
@7 some guns have such sensitive triggers that an inexperienced person wouldn't know how easy it is to pull, or that when holding a gun you shouldn't have your finger on the trigger, or that you never point a gun toward a person. You know, stuff that would be covered in a gun safety course. Personally I think all metal weapons on planet earth should be melted down into a giant ball and launched into earths orbit as a small moon to remind us every night of human stupidity
"That's no moon..."
Well, it was a cool gun...

We're not celebrating gun violence - we're celebrating the fact that Darwin's Theory of Evolution, specifically his concept that "selective pressure" is a driver of natural selection, has once again been validated by empirical evidence.
While I am not an NRA member I think it's a waste of time to spend a lot of political capital.
The more pressure liberals argue for gun control, the more gun sales go up.

That said, I am planning to take a gun safety course very soon and curious what rules are offered.

Common sense would be to ONLY give a loaded gun to an expert -- if then. In fact why keep a loaded gun IN the house at all?
As well, one of the problems we face is that Trump voters (probably) vastly outnumber decent people in gun ownership.

Sorry, but the solution there is NOT to try to take guns from Trumpkins.
"showing off his guns to a 16 year old boy".
@12 he was in his 70s. Darwin doesn't give a shit about people past reproductive age.
@12: Well yeah - still you're celebrating an event of gun violence. No death should be celebrated. Despite his views, he still leaves behind a grieving family. That the means of his death fits into a sense of vindication by his adversaries is quite sad.
Agenda much?

Seems like Dan and the gang have a shattering orgasm whenever they get to write a piece like this, yet we heard nothing but crickets from them after 55 people were shot in South Chicago over Christmas weekend... 90%+ as a result of gang violence.

I guess gang warfare, which is the cause of the vast majority of gun crime in this country, just isn't very important to them... because it really isn't about the crime. They just don't like guns.

If a white cop had shot a black kid, Mudede would've been on that shit like a June Bug on a jelly roll.

At least have the decency to embrace your own hypocrisy.
@ 16 - Mick Jagger, a new father at 73, would beg to differ.
@18: You're wagging your finger at people here for the wrong thing!

Gun violence that takes a gang member or a life at the hands of an LEO, or the loss of life through an accidental shooting are all equally abhorrent, so no there's no hypocrisy in evidence here.
Just a heaping helping of schadenfreude.

Please clutch your pearls at the correct transgression against polite behavior.
@54: We'll just add that to list of attributes you with which you have mistakenly endowed me shall we?
@21: Did you post to the wrong thread?

Yes, he leaves behind a grieving family - a family that now probably wishes he hadn't been quite so blase' over how he took care of deadly weapons in his possession. Perhaps they will learn from his demise and not make the same mistake - again, evolution in action.

Live by the sword - or gun in this case - die by the sword...

You didn't address my point.

Nobody at The Stranger wrote absolutely bupkus about last weekends South Chicago gang massacre but wasted no time at all jumping on an idiotic 'gun nut.' Perhaps it's because the lefty fantasies of 'common sense' gun control measures, or any gun control measures for that matter, wouldn't do shit to deter real criminals in South Chicago.

Or perhaps The Stranger simply isn't interested in preventing violent crime. They just want to prevent guns. They clearly don't believe that a person has the right to defend themselves and their families against violent attackers with equal force.

So I'll say it again. Agenda much?
@23: I don't debate the stupidity, I just take issue with gloating over the stupidity which serves no purpose.
@25 2016 has taken a lot of good people from us. For a vile person to die by his own disgusting principles does bring a little relief from this year of abominations.
@24 I wonder how expensive those guns used in Chicago were...
Wow this is a new low for Dan Savage, openly gloating about a mans death and a lifetime of trauma for a teen.

Just sickening..
@29 instead of trolling Dan's article comments with comments so off topic they're in virtually a different solar system, why not go out and volunteer your time to the political party and/or candidate of your choice? Better yet, why not become a candidate yourself but first, let go of your wasted emotional and irrational hate of all things Clinton-related?

Really, GTFU.
Maybe the kid was "back to the future" We should have him run for President.

Does the name "Mick Jagger" mean anything to you?

As a Sanders supporter(in fact, as the guy who gave the speech for Bernie at the caucus I attended), I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!

A lot of us DID vote and campaign for Hillary in the fall on anti-fascist grounds. She had her flaws, but she wasn't "trying to kill us"(and we are NOT better off with Trump coming into power instead of her). She would have owed Sanders supporters her margin of victory if all of us had gone to the polls and supported her, we'd also have been responsible for flipping the Senate and possibly the House into Democratic hands, and we'd have been able to get a lot of things done. There would have been actual GAINS. Now, we're going to have to spend the next four to eight years fighting to keep this country from being dragged back into the medieval Jim Crow Fifties(which is what Trump calls for when he uses his meaningless phrase about making the country "great AGAIN").

And while I agree that Bernie was smeared on race(he was and is just as antiracist as Hillary, and never deserved to be accused of not caring about racism OR about not wanting the votes of people of color-it's enough to say the campaign didn't do a good enough job getting those votes, although Bernie did fight Hillary to a draw among African-American voters 30 and under), I join the man in saying we MUST keep fighting racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and all other forms of institutional and grassroots bigotry. Bigotry and prejudice are the enemies of the anti-corporate struggle. We can only achieve economic justice if we also achieve social justice(and vice versa). That's why someone coined the phrase "Justice for ALL!"

And thanks for outing yourself as a Trump supporter HERE:…

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