Good Afternoon Charles,
I see no problem in giving your daughter what you feel is best for her. If it is a subscription to Teen Vogue, so be it. Good on you and her.

However, two things:

For one, readers (subscribers and others) are getting schooled and Josie Ramon had a lot of help. I will presume Lily Herman, the writer quoted isn't a teen but a professional staff writer for a glitzy magazine (it's hard to take a magazine seriously with two lovely models like Ms. Hudgens & Mr. Bleu in the photo featured. But you have a point "resistance is fluid".). Thus, I am not quite sure that "teen" sentiments are actually that, teen sentiments as written by teens.

Finally you say:

"The plan to build a wall is impractical and racist, and the man who peddled the idea during the presidential race, and won 63 million votes, is a racist and a liar. This is a fact. And if you do not state this and other such facts directly, you are participating in the lies and racism."

Is this a "you are either with me or against me proposition"? If so, it will be very difficult to engage in any dialogue during the next 4 years with that kind of declaration. Mr. Trump may be many things but he isn't President yet. On the other hand, President Obama has deported at least 2.5 million humans.…

Maybe Teen Vogue ought to take that into account.

That said, I sincerely wish Happy New Year to you and yours Charles.

Okay, make a case that Donald Trump's advocacy for a border wall is not racist.
In case anyone hasn't looked into this: Teen Vogue is a quarterly. A year costs $5. Five bucks. If you appreciate even a little what they've been doing, a subscription is the least you can do.
@1 - I don't think there needs to be compromise with the second place president. What would that look like - hanging plants in the deportation camps? Giving Putin the part of Ukraine he illegally occupied?

No thank you. That dialogue smells of collaboration.
1) You were NEVER a Sanders supporter, as this thread proves;…

2) You've spammed the same post in a half-dozen threads(most of which had nothing to do with politics)in the past hour.
LOL yeeeah lets give the next self-absorbed, we-know-everything-because-we're-tech-savvy-and-have-an-opinion generation a magazine to inform them on adult decision-making skills. How about a book. Books these days are much more non-partisian, and engaging critiques of politics and world history than any "teen magazine" will gloss over. I just dont see teens (especially teen girls) at 15 reading liberal political theory with a full-page, half naked, Justin Beaver (or the teen heart-throb of the week trying to break into show business) on the preceding page discussing his relationship trials and tribulations. As a parent with a 15 year old of either gender who publicly admits that a magazine is the answer to the problems facing a generation; I must say that I'm neither shocked nor surprised. What would surprise me is that you simply don't keep loaded weapons around your house with those magazines. The effect would almost be the same.
@2 When you see "border wall" and "racist" in the same brain know you're reading a lib shill rag located in the NW.

Move your sanctimonious ass to the SW and see what people have been living through.

Insulated as you are in the're simply shitting out of your piehole.
@8 You do understand that books and periodicals have different functions, right? Also, I was reading political theory as a 15-year-old girl. (I'd love to know why you think girls would be less interested in politics than boys.)

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