The Twin Peaks Soundtrack Is Getting a Deluxe Vinyl Reissue


This is also Twin Peaks related, issued on vinyl (from Polyvinyl!) and sick as fuck. It's Xiu Xiu's wild interpretation of all the music from TP:
Thanks, dangerousgift.
The soundtrack of Fire Walk is better than that of the television series, however the film does still suck. The show itself was very good, right up until Leland Palmer died. Lynch was very prolific during this phase of his career, and he may have become distracted by his numerous projects.

I sincerely hope Season Three will be excellent. Twin Peaks was one of the best shows on television, and it did a lot to showcase the beauty of our state. It also showcased the beauty of Kyle MacLachlan, a face who, even in his late 50's, still rests very easily upon the eyes.
Fire Walk with Me is a film that will be reevaluated on its own terms some day. I love that it doesn't do what you want it to do, solve the mysteries you want solved, but gives a lot of service to Laura, her emotional and psychological landscape and what she went through--which could only be speculated about on the show. That said, it was so graphic and horrifying that I don't ever want to watch it again! I honestly cannot imagine watching it in a theater with other people, I would be unbearably uncomfortable. It would feel like gawking at a crime scene.

Twin Peaks: Lynch was not involved with the entire midsection of the show. He handed it over but came back for the last season.

Agreed that Kyle MacLachlan is an extremely beautiful and magnetic human being.