Centrism after Obama...
Centrism after Obama... Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

The centrists in the Democratic Party do not want to face one big fact: Centrism failed in this election. Yes, Hillary Clinton, a centrist, won the popular vote, but she still lost to Donald Trump. Keep in mind that the main, and for some the only, reason many on the radical left voted for Clinton was because the centrists promised that with them, the impossible would surely not happen. And it did happen. And all of this talk about dismantling or retooling the Electoral College is so much hot air. What should we really be talking about? Giving those on the progressive side of party the driving seat. This is indeed what happened with UK's Labor Party after its disastrous loss in 2015. The centrists (or Blairites and Brownites) were forced to take the backseat to the Corbynites.

In the US, the centrists, represented by the interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile, are not trying to find ways to make the party's leftist commitments clear but instead to reach out to a man who openly calls their Senate leader, Chuck Schumer, a clown. They are also using the Russians to avoid a deep assessment of Hillary Clinton's loss. Obama is a part of this distraction game. The more they talk about spies, hackers, and Putin, the less we hear about Keith Ellison, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders. It is clear that, as with the Blairites and Brownites, they want to fix their failings with even more centrism. They continue to believe in bipartisanship. But, at this point, you can not go more right in mainstream American politics than Trump. Even Mister Fantastic couldn't reach over that kind of aisle without snapping in two. Now is the time to get real and give the progressives their turn and stop saying Putin this and Putin that.

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