Dead Body Found in Volunteer Park's Lily Pond


Actually, the body belongs to the next of kin - as much as you want to recycle it.

Maybe we could use it for a community art project.

Say, do you think here's any connection between Steinbruek's speech and this dead body?I don't mean to start a "pizza-gate" style story for poor old Pete or anything, but it might make for a fun urban legend if we work at it.
I thought Dead Man Found broke up years ago. Now they're playing the Lilly Pond? I guess I'm not so old after all.
I knew and loved this person dearly. Many did. These comments are fucking heartbreaking to read. Please think about this next time you'd like to post something snide and hyuk-hyuk-dumb-jokey about a person's demise.
@4 Wise words. Sorry for your loss, Lupita.
I don't think it's too early to call it. This is the best opening sentence of 2017.
FUCK YOU MUDEDE! God I hope you have to look her family in the eye, you shit stain.

ANd fuck #1, #2 and especially #3 Ph'nglui mglw'nafh what ever the fuck.

You are assholes. Just fucking heartless piles of shit.

This was Amy Vanderbeck. She and her sisters worked at Vivace on the Hill for YEARS. She was a delightful, wonderful person. A joy and bright light in the lives of thousands of people in the city.

You should be ashamed. All of you. You shit piles.
People. You want to make snarky jokes about dead people to an audience who you are confident will be into your jokes, go ahead, I don't care.

In public you do not know your audience.

Since you don't know, assume you're talking to the person's family and friends, and speak accordingly. (Especially for such a local death, come on, have common sense.)
You think you are edgy and cool but actually you're just a heartless asshole. This was a dear friend of mine and of countless others. Maybe a little sensitivity is in order? Maybe next time you write a glib little article you could remember that this is someone's friend/sister/daughter/ love that you're poking fun at. Fuck you and fuck the Stranger in general. Your cynicism is not appreciated.
I've been a staunch Stranger supporter for all of my 16 years in Seattle. Charles Mudede you should be ashamed of yourself for writing these callous remarks. Amy Vanderbeck was a shining star and *every* human being deserves to be spoken of with more respect.
Muddied: Let me rewrite the last sentence of this piece of shit for you:

‘SPD investigators say that the death does not appear to be suspicious.’

And The Stranger wonders why so many previously loyal readers have lost all respect for it? Look no further than this egregiously juvenile, insensitive and amateurish piece of dreck.
Charles Mudede - What an incredibly unkind, cavalier way to post about anyone's death. Whoever it is, it is someone's family or friend. You can make jokes about the lily pond somewhere else or in some other way.
Dearest Attention Whores:

I'm willing to bet that none or almost none of you knew the deceased, although you have milked this post for all the melodramatic bullshit you can squeeze out of it. Oh, the outrage! The disgrace! What would your pathetic little boring ass lives be without something to be pissed about!

Oh, fuck off.