Dylann Roof Receives the Death Penalty in Charleston Massacre


Good, this is the exact kind of person whom the death penalty is meant for. If only we could off them once the sentence was handed down instead of this "death row" BS. In cases like this where there is zero doubt of guilt, why fuck around? Off the earth with scum.
I oppose the death penalty in general due to the possibility that an innocent person could be executed, and because knee-jerk revenge is uncivilised.

However, Roof is not even close to being potentially innocent, and the world will be a better place without him.
Feel good story of the day!
Execution is just as wrong when they are guilty.
Shame. The death penalty is nothing more than outdated, primitive vengeance porn.

First time I've ever heard of someone reading their suicide note as a closing argument in a trial.
@2 Here's the problem with this idea: Roof is the case that legitimizes a system that we know damn well is racist and stacked against the poor.

I would happily support my tax dollars keeping Roof alive for the rest of his natural life in prison, if it meant we could get rid of a criminal penalty that we know has been unjustly applied.
This will do nothing to prevent the next mass shooting by a radicalized white supremacist tool. It's going to cost upwards of $3 million for the legal costs of working this case from penalty through execution, if that actually happens. Being so high profile, the cost will probably be much higher. Imagine how much criminal justice reform the Justice Department won't be accomplishing with the money they waste cutting this guy's life short. Turning him into a hero and martyr for the next shooter.

Keep in mind, if you lock him up long enough, he will very likely turn into an embarrassment for his cause, either a clown or a repentant anti-racist. Executing him lets him go to his death a true believer all the way. How much more inspiring for suicide terrorism can you get?

This barbaric approach doesn't work for China, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, North Korea or any of their ilk. And it has never worked for the US.

On a personal level, I would much more enjoy watching this piece of shit rot in jail decade after decade after decade than see him die in a blaze of glory at the height of his pride.
@2 Then you DO NOT oppose the death penalty. You just like to say you do. At least be honest with yourself. Killing this guy makes us no better than him and we do it with premeditation and tell ourselves we're righteous and we're not. Maybe we're worse than him. A killing is a killing. Besides which, his death changes nothing, relieves nothing, and puts only him out of misery.
The death penalty is wrong AND it's too easy on the goddamn criminal. In this case I would much rather the motherfucker rot in existential hell with zero possibility of hope for as long as possible. Be the first man to live to 120.

Also, studies have shown that the death penalty is more expensive to the state than life in prison. (I cannot cite sources or vouch for the accuracy of that or whether it's still current info.... I just know that I've read about it in the past.)
@7and @10 I very much agree. I have no sympathy for Roof, but his execution will be a boost to the idea that the state has the right to kill you rather than imprison you. And this is an idea that has been used for evil purposes.
Like originalcinner, I'm against the death penalty in most cases but see nothing wrong with this particular application. No shadow of any doubt about the guilt of the condemned? Check. Particularly abhorrent crime? Check. No remorse or attempts at redemption by the murderer? Check.
This earth would be better with him under it than upon it.

@11: Practically any and all ideas have been used for evil purposes.
No one deserves execution, no matter what their crimes.

Governments should not be in the business of exterminating their citizens.

There is literally no reason to support the death penalty other than primitive bloodlust.

He's getting his wish, becoming a martyr to the movement. On the other hand, if he'd gotten life, people would be outraged that so many black men are executed and he'd not been. More white privilege in action. And on the gripping hand, I strongly dislike capital punishment. You can't undo execution if new evidence is found.

It's pretty much a no-win scenario.
@12 Venomlash,
Agree. I am a reluctant supporter of Capital Punishment. But, you state quite accurately that it should be applied in this case. Also, your last sentence is spot on.
Hi, I'm Idiot Sawant and I suffer from bloodlust when it comes to evil fucks who murdered a dozen innocent people. He should be hanged.