Intel Chiefs to President-Elect: Um, Dude, the Russians Have a Compromising Video of You Being Pissed On And/Or Near By Russian Sex Workers


This is a strange document - the "(whom he hated)" parenthetical is odd to see in a report like this. Where did this document come from?
Haha, fucking sicko. What a fucked up kink.
@2: "CNN has reviewed a 35-page compilation of the memos, from which the two-page synopsis was drawn. The memos originated as opposition research, first commissioned by anti-Trump Republicans, and later by Democrats." Clear as mud?

* will just hyperbolically deny it, and there will be no consequences.
A bit more from the article. This is going nowhere:
"CNN has also learned that on December 9, Senator John McCain gave a full copy of the memos -- dated from June through December, 2016 -- to FBI Director James Comey. McCain became aware of the memos from a former British diplomat who had been posted in Moscow. But the FBI had already been given a set of the memos compiled up to August 2016, when the former MI6 agent presented them to an FBI official in Rome, according to national security officials.

The raw memos on which the synopsis is based were prepared by the former MI6 agent, who was posted in Russia in the 1990s and now runs a private intelligence gathering firm. His investigations related to Mr. Trump were initially funded by groups and donors supporting Republican opponents of Mr. Trump during the GOP primaries, multiple sources confirmed to CNN. Those sources also said that once Mr. Trump became the nominee, further investigation was funded by groups and donors supporting Hillary Clinton."
Of course Trump will deny it, as will the Russians. Blackmail only works if the material remains under wraps.
How did you THINK he got that brilliant orange color in his hair? That ain't no dye job!
I just can't get excited about any revelations cropping up that could conceivably take Trump down for real. We just end up with Pence. Arguably worse. Certainly not as entertaining.
As soon as I saw this headline, I came here to view the comments :) But to be honest, the video needs to be verified by the FBI before I believe it. If it's true, oh shit...
Good. I want insults flying at Tramp every day he's in. No quarter. No remorse. Lay it on him. Break that fucker in half.

I couldn't care less about what kind of sex he has or kinks he has, to each his own. But Tramp lives off insulting others and he can dish it out but can't take it. Let him have it!

Also, not falling for @3's obvious troll.
If this video and evidence is true, why wasn't it released during the campaign. The last debate would've been very very interesting.
But if there were cameras in that room... where's the Obama and Michelle tape?
It's funny, I don't think most liberals give a shit about piss fetishists nor do Trump's backers care that he visits sex workers, not even the evangelicals.

@13: They have security sweep for these things I imagine.
From fucking Buzzfeed of all places,

"A dossier, compiled by a person who has claimed to be a former British intelligence official, alleges Russia has compromising information on Trump. The allegations are unverified, and the report contains errors."

This sentence is on Buzzfeed. Literally no one is buying this.
He was trying to get back at the Obamas. That's all his supporters will take from it. They'll probably think it's hee-larious.
To those saying this isn't true or a hoax or whatever...

Who cares!

Trump won the presidency by being a pathological liar. If this is a lie and it pisses him off (pun intended), then turnabout is fair play imo. Anger and annoy the fuck out of this man-baby, with the truth or lies. Either'll do.
It's hard to imagine someone who isn't drunk or high getting off on this kink, and since Donald doesn't drink or do drugs, well.... I don't know.
Welcome to the Beltway, Donaldo! Be careful about who you go out of your way to piss off.
These stickers could prove even more useful:…
No shit?
@18: Snifffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Trump's response: Russian prostitutes are OVERRATED!!!!
I tell ya what this thing needs is a good and appropriately demeaning and juvenile branding. Let's do better than Pissgate or Pissghazi. Though I'm pretty OK with convening a band of dedicated die-hards who spend the next four years bending over backwards and hanging out on reddit in an ongoing attempt to prove the allegations true (i.e. the equivalent to the "birther" movement. These folks could absolutely be "pissers.")
Hey, good job with the kink-shaming there, Dan.

You should probably try to learn a thing or two from the guy who wrote this:

"...after a few beers, piss is just so much hot water. I'm not saying you should've gone there for your ex, if pissing on him was something you absolutely, positively couldn't bring yourself to do. All I'm saying is that most people who give piss a chance quickly realize that golden showers aren't nearly as gross and disgusting—or even golden—as they were led to believe by people who lump piss in with shit when discussing and/or freaking out about other people's kinks."

or the guy who wrote this:

"...clients can and should be out there speaking up in defense of sex workers and themselves. Sex workers are speaking up and fighting back—on Twitter and other social-media platforms, sometimes anonymously, but increasingly under their own names—and they're staring down the stigma, the shame, and the law on their own. It's time for their clients to join them in the fight."

And before you trot out your "but it's totally OK to sex-shame hypocritcal rightwingers" whinge, you should ask yourself "does Trump look or sound anything remotely like a guy with Christian fundamentalist views on sexuality?"
Deadspin commenters are pretty wonderful. Just reading a thread over there and someone proposed *Watersportsgate*. That's gonna be tough to beat.
I want the PEETUS to become America's poster boy for water sports pride. Let that freak flag fly. Hold your wet head high and don't let them sex shame you, Donald!
The pee stuff is too distracting... the biggest deal of the report is the claim that there was a "continuing exchange of information during the campaign between Trump surrogates and intermediaries for the Russian government". Not that this is new info (Mother Jones reported on it in October, I think) but if the intelligence community is backing the info, that takes things to a new level. If they have any supporting evidence of this, things are going to get very interesting between now and 1/20. I don't know what kind of interesting, but interesting.
@11: I wholeheartedly agree.
Of course he has fetishes that he pays for. Look at him! He's hideous and gross and has to pay for it. He also has serious mental illnesses. I think this is only the beginning and I hold out hope that he won't be seated. I don't even care that it will likely be Pence instead. Trump's humiliation is its own reward.

Isn't there a possibility, though, that the winner of the majority of votes is the remedy here?? If we make enough noise to our reps, it might help that effort. STAND UP AND MAKE ENOUGH NOISE.
Urgatha dear, I've heard that Trump was installed by the Trilateral Commission to fast track The New World Order, and that Melania is actually a Russian agent.

And Robotslave, maybe part of the fun of the kink is the shaming? You know, the taboo nature of it and all. Maybe he was caught watching his mother go to the bathroom and got spanked and it's become a thing for him. In that case, maybe he'll get off on this.
There is more.

Much more.

And it's way worse than that.
just saw a post on FB claiming it's a 4chan troll. either way, * will have to address it if he's got the stones to go through with this presser tomorrow.
+1 @28.

I think most of y'all are distracted by the pee thing. Forget the kink, if the real meat of these memos is verified [and some of that seems as simple as checking travel documents] it looks like our president elect hasn't been the accidental beneficiary of Russian shenanigans, his campaign has been working with the Kremlin.

I am simultaneously horrified, and hopeful. We might not have to last through four years of Trump.
I hope times like this are enough to convince Lindy West that Twitter, in spite of everything, is worth it.
Goldwater Republican.
With all the complaining about "fake news" the last few months, it's funny how quickly people still take the bait when it happens to be something they want to believe.
@30: The only hope now is for Chief Justice Roberts to refuse to administer the oath of office on inauguration day.

@26, I thought you were right and that Watersportsgate couldn't be beaten. Until @36. That's brilliant. Thanks!

Eat pee, troll. Who was the most credible source reporting on pizzagate? Your goofy aunt on facebook? This thing may well be discredited, but is at least being vetted by every legitimate source in the industry.

I see where you're coming from in thinking that Pence would be no improvement. He's awful in every way.

But I'm not American, and I don't live in America.

Pence might even be worse for Americans than Trump would be. Pence will be a disaster. But he will be your disaster. The people he will oppress will be Americans.

Trump's foreign policy means that he'd be a disaster for the rest of the world.

America voted for the Trump-Pence ticket. I'd prefer it if the Trump-Pence ticket were America's problem. I'm perfectly willing to throw you, as a nation, under the bus if it saves the rest of us. You were the stupid people who voted Trump-Pence, or couldn't be bothered to vote because politicians are all the same, or who wanted to make a difference by voting for a third party, or who just couldn't bring yourselves to vote for Hillary. This is a mess of your making, and I'd prefer it if the rest of us didn't have to suffer because of your mistakes.

So, terrible as he is, I'll happily take Pence over Trump.

It's going to be Thomas.
@42 How does pointing out the hypocrisy from both sides of the political spectrum make me a troll? Pizzagate is a complete joke that's only taken seriously by tinfoil hat aficionados, News stories without proper citation and shady sources should not be taken seriously (though joking about them is always fun). For months now, the few remaining sane people in this country have been repeatedly saying that journalistic integrity is more important now than ever before, and that fake news should be treated as such. Modern media outlets are constantly reporting hoaxes as real news, only for the truth to come out later. Every time they do so it damages their integrity. It's no wonder so many people no longer trust the media.

Bravo you magnificent bastard! Bravo!
@ 18 - "It's hard to imagine someone who isn't drunk or high getting off on this kink"

Work on expanding your imagination, then. I can personally attest that it does happen, and more than you might ever think.
I'd like to see Trump's repudiation of this story as "fake news" and a hoax... maybe he can have his Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon of Breitbart, deliver it.

Trump's been digging his own grave since he was elected. He made his shit bed, now he can lie in it.

Remembering his "Disgusting" comment about Hillary when she returned from a bathroom break at a debate
rain washed @ 18, 30
It’s not the kink , stupid, nor an attack for no apparent reason like you rightcists are accustomed to.
When you look at prezelect’s actions and words in regards to Russia for the last few months you’ll see the pattern of someone who clearly owes them something. And this is only the beginning.
@50: I was commenting on the ambiance of the kinky occasion in question, not on the ramifications of the spy drama surrounding it.
In completely unrelated news, his first post-election press conference is tomorrow morning.
@43 Whoa! Don't be too confident about that there. My current prediction is that Trump is going to be basically running a reality show out of the oval office: he'll spend most of his time having camera crews follow him as he barges into corporate boardrooms and forces CEOs to grovel before him. He is concerned above all with ratings.

Pence, well, on the international front, he could well end up more interventionist, more pro-Israel. Here he would most likely be more ruthlessly effective at dismantling the Great Society and New Deal, never mind Obamacare.

The dysfunction coming up, if Trump somehow staggers through his term, might be more beneficial in the long run to civilization, than the efficient destruction that might occur if the Republican Congress had one of their own running the show. I'll have to admit that I don't have a high degree of confidence in these prognostications. I have a high degree of confidence in the prognostication that we are fucked no matter what however (which is still a good reason to not get too wound up about taking Trump down).
Trump's so rich, even his showers are golden!
I have to get these off my chest:
Make America Urinate Again
Trump Shower
The Apprenpiss
Putin on the Piss (in the Ritz)
Trump 2020: A chick pissin' in every pot.
2 Girls, 1 Trump
From Russian Bladder Voided Of
@36, you win one million internets.
HaHaHa. Oh dear. Is this stuff for real.. I need to get stronger drugs.
@ 51
In line with your on going ignorance and denial.
Man, politics is crazy. I heard about this pizza place in DC where...
@33: The 4chan claim that this is a troll is itself a troll on people who don't know better.

This particular leak is what was provided to congress.
@35: Nah, still no.
@25 T's entire cabinet are anti-gay anti-women anti-marijuana anti-reason climate change denialists.

So, fair game to sex shame T et al., he / they reality-shame the planet. [and I say that as a ws fan]

@43 a minority of Americans voted for Trump-Pence. By about 3 million votes Hillary won the popular vote. Please don't blame all of us. Unfortunately, the USA is saddled with the electoral college, an 18th century relic of the agrarian 17th century roots of the first 13 colonies, and 21st century neglect of education in rural areas. Urban residents are more educated and by and large did not fall for the stupidity.

When the Democrats swept into power in 2008, in hindsight, single payer health and getting rid of the electoral college and limiting gerrymandering at the state levels should have been pushed through.
In all seriousness though, these memos have been floating around for months now, and the many news outlets that have been privy to their contents did not even have the confidence to mention them, let alone publish them because they are so obviously unverifiable. They lack any of the usual markers suggestive of any kind of actual intelligence cable, but were made to look like they were to the uninitiated.

Even Huffington would not touch them, and the moron who published them (Ben Smith from Buzzfeed) admits that no one should really believe them. That should tell you all you need to know.
@62: "So, fair game to sex shame T et al"

Eh, this is about the least controversial thing to come out about Trump.

None of their sex shaming will ever rub off on him, they don't care that he's a rapist let alone denigrates women, they want to ban obscenity and further punish sex workers but think it's okay for the guy they voted for to regularly seek out sex workers. They want power to the powerful, they see his activities as acceptable.

They actively want the god-king emperor grimdark they claimed Obama was, you can see their ideal GOP leader projected onto their claims and fears.

Ultimately it's not going to affect Trump and I feel sorry for any watersports folk that have to share a pasttime with him.
@62: "When the Democrats swept into power in 2008, in hindsight, single payer health and getting rid of the electoral college and limiting gerrymandering at the state levels should have been pushed through"

The Dems weren't "swept into power" and their ranks were swelled by "blue dogs", they had numerical but not actual tangible political support for single payer.
The thing is, though, that this has nothing to do with watersports. Nothing even hints at the possibility that Trump enjoys getting pissed on or pissing on people, or even watching them piss... unless they do it on a bed where Obama slept. It's all about demeaning Obama.

Not to mention the fact that a Democratic-controlled Congress can't do all that much in terms of gerrymandering at the state level, since the legislatures where it occurred were controlled by the GOP. Furthermore, eliminating the EC could only be accomplished via a Constitutional amendment, which again would require vetting from the states, so both would have been non-starters.
According to CNN, Trump has already "liquided" many assets.
I'll just BET he did!

Well, all that Trump (tm) brand vodka wasn't just going to drink itself...
@66: Yeah, this is where it gets into the creepy aspects of Trump. It's not about sex but power, and not in a D/s sorta way.
@ 70 - True, except that... when exactly do things NOT get into the creepy aspects of Trump? He's always creepy, even when he just breathes.
@71: Many years ago I was amused at his commitment to WWE kayfabe... until he became our first carnie President.
@ 72 - I'm glad someone got some enjoyment out of his antics without thinking that his incessant freakshow would make him a great president.
@53 - "Efficient destruction".

From everything Pence has said, the bulk of that efficient destruction will be domestic. I'm sure there would be problems on the international front with a President Pence, and he would probably do something terrible in the Middle East. But for those of us in Europe, East Asia and Australasia, he'd be less of a disaster than Trump. He's more likely to think through situations concerning China and North Korea than Trump, who is, at some point, going to do something profoundly dangerous on impulse. Trump's promises on trade wars - if he's telling the truth - will also be enormously damaging to the rest of the world, as will his promises on climate change. Pence would be shit for the whole world - no-one's going to claim he wouldn't be - but his damage would be more severe in the US and less severe in the rest of the world. And I can live with that.

"a minority of Americans voted for Trump-Pence. By about 3 million votes Hillary won the popular vote. Please don't blame all of us. "

Indeed. But no foreigners outside of the US voted for Trump-Pence. None of us (well, apart from maybe the Russian government). He was your choice, not ours. And polls have clearly shown that, if the rest of the world had been allowed to vote, Trump would have struggled to hit double figures.

So if we have to choose which country suffers because of the election, it makes sense to choose the country where a large minority of people voted for this pitiful state of affairs.