Trump Gave a Press Conference About Pee Gate. He Probably Thought He Was Tremendous


Its over already? The whole things was 30minutes?
Re: investigating Trump's Russian dealings. Already been done.……

It won't make any difference.
He's still obsessed with Clinton.
@ 5, Well, she did win the popular vote by 3 million ballots.
Was this the part where he worked to unify the country?
Surprised the stranger did not take down pissgate stories yet since they started as a joke on 4chan. Embarrassing even for Seattle's favorite fake news publication. Seriously, look at the alleged pissgate story by Dan Savage.

Alleged is the key word here. Yes, it's just alleged, but there also appears to be evidence that the item didn't in fact originate with 4Chan as some posters there are claiming; wouldn't be the first time someone tried to take credit for something with which they had no actual involvement.
I for one am glad that we plebes don't have to settle for "someone claims Russians have compromising materials" and instead get the real headline "everyone in US government, including the FBI director has been told that someone claims the Russians have video of him getting peed on." I take it for what it is - an unsubstantiated allegation, but given how weird his relationship with Russia is, we deserve to know the substance of those claims.

I wish the media would report his presser fairly. The headline should be: "'I'm a germaphobe' Trump claims to refute compromising materials report while hiding behind lawyer on obvious emoluments violations."
@1: Having fun with this, aren't you?

Why not? To paraphrase the old adage, "live by the fake news story, die by the fake news story."
I'm a germaphobe, I cant be into watersports! Sort of like Larry Craig "I'm a homophobe, I definitely wasn't trying to get jerked by randos in a mens room stall!"
If we're going to go down in flames at least we might have Russian hookers trying to douse the flames.

What has the government been up to while peegate has been happening? Cutting the ACA with no replacement, and news articles were trying to explain the ACA and Obamacare and the sundry state programs created under the ACA but with different state-specific names were all the same thing. Instead, we got pissed on.

Great job liberal media.
Tricia, if you're referring to the documents that Dan posted about yesterday, they specifically state that he hired the Russian prostitutes to piss on the bed in front of him, not actually on him. These - still unsubstantiated - documents make no mention of Trump actually coming into contact with the pee, either directly or indirectly. Please try to be accurate, this could be the last story about him to be reported before he nukes the planet in order to change the subject.

@8: Juche is the most unrepentant troll/idiot on Slog, and should have been banned months ago. Don't bother.
Oops, that should have been @10.

In any case, he's flat-out wrong.
@ #4: Hey, did you come up with that? Because I laughed my damn head off and then had to feel around on the floor to get my head back on my body. Seriously, that was fucking hilarious and I'd like to borrow it, giving you full credit, of course.