Here are just a few things the incoming Box of Hair in Chief has been wrong about, failed to support with actual facts, or just straight-up lied about in recent hours:

• Jeff Sessions, who he said was "brilliant": I'm sorry, this Jeff Sessions? Try again.
• Buzzfeed, which he called "a failing pile of garbage": Buzzfeed is actually a legitimate news organization.
• BBC News, which he called "another beauty": BBC News is actually a legitimate news organization.
• Lindsey Graham: Not actually a nice guy.
• Hillary Clinton, whose name he brought up five times as he avoided answering questions during an alleged press conference, and who he implied wouldn't be "tougher" on Putin than Trump: We actually KNOW she'd be tougher on Putin because as Secretary of State, she actually WAS.
• China: Not actually pronounced "JYNAH!"
• Industry: Not actually pronounced "inDUSTry!"
• Yesterday's "golden showers" allegations, which he says are "not worth the paper it’s written on": They're actually worth their weight in piss jokes on Twitter.
• His cabinet, which he says "so many people" have been describing as "one of the great": Have they though? Because you actually don't have to push back confirmation hearings for further vetting due to greatness.
• The people of Mexico, who he says he loves: You don't get Vicente Fox this mad at you by showing love for Mexico, sry.

I could go on, but I'm going to stop there because I was actually having a pretty good day until I watched that press conference. If you haven't seen it yet, save yourself!