The Lummi Nation, whose fishermen are pictured here, won a similar victory over the proposed Gateway Pacific coal terminal last year.
The Lummi Nation, whose fishermen are pictured here, won a similar victory over the proposed Gateway Pacific coal terminal last year. Matika Wilbur

Nancy Wilson of Heart with the Seattle Symphony, October 30
The legendary guitar virtuoso takes the stage at Benaroya Hall for one night only - get your tickets here!

Quinault Indian Nation Celebrates Supreme Court Decision Over Oil Terminal: The tribe had long opposed the proposed expansion of the oil terminal on the grounds that it would threaten treaty-protected fishing rights. But on Thursday, the state supreme court ruled in a unanimous decision that the Ocean Resources Management Act—which had been created in the wake of the devastating Exxon Valdes spill—applied to the oil project and effectively killed it.

Alaska Airlines Contractor Must Pay $8.2 Million in Back Wages to Baggage Handlers: A federal judge approved a settlement for airport workers who continued to make less than $15 an hour even after SeaTac's minimum wage law went into effect.

This Seattle Tech Investor Doesn't Think We Need an Income Tax Because Seahawks: Madrona Venture Group Managing Director Matt McIlwain said "he hears all the time from people moving in from out of town to work at big tech companies and found startups that they are happy not to have a state income tax." Oh, okay. Here's more: "He cited Seattle Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham saying one of the biggest benefits of coming to Washington was its lack of income tax."

Men Could Outnumber Women in Washington State: Great.

Researcher Says Government Engineered Seattle's Racial Segregation: "In places like Seattle, it was William and Bertha Boeing who were large developers," Economic Policy Institute research associate Richard Rothstein told KUOW. "They guaranteed bank loans to large-scale developers to build entire subdivisions on explicit condition that no homes be sold to African-Americans. This was a federal government policy, and it was done all over the country."

Angela Davis Was at Town Hall Last Night: It was packed. Davis also told the crowd that she supported activists opposing King County's new youth detention center.

Washington Lawmakers Introduce a Bill to Rein in Colleges' Athletic Overspending: "The bill would require departments in the red for more than three years to gain budget approval from a legislative committee," KNKX reports. "It comes after Washington State University released plans to balance the books late last year. That plan included a possible new fee for students and increased ticket prices for games."

Check Out This Documentary Trailer: About the fight against Washington's anti-trans bathroom bills and I-1515.

Twitter trolls cant mess with this anymore.
Twitter trolls can't mess with this anymore.

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Lindy West Is Not Going Back to Twitter: Listen to her interview with Bill Radke to hear her explain why.

On the Eve of Trump, DOJ Releases "Scathing" Report Finding That Chicago Police Violated Civil Rights Through Excessive Force: The release of the report was also timed with a police reform agreement announced by Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and Attorney General Loretta Lynch that "has put the city’s problems on the record and set in motion a process — albeit one that may be less easy to enforce — for change, even if the Trump administration does not seek a consent decree with Chicago," the New York Times reports.

DOJ Also Opens Investigation into What the Fuck Went on with Comey and the Doomed Election: DOJ inspector general Michael E. Horowitz said he'd review Comey's actions around the election and announcements over Hillary Clinton's e-mails. The New York Times: "[The actions] are: the news conference in July at which he announced he was not indicting Mrs. Clinton but described her behavior as 'extremely careless'; the letter to Congress in late October in which he said that newly discovered emails could potentially change the outcome of the F.B.I.’s investigation; and the letter three days before the election in which he said that he was closing it again."

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