Well, The Stranger is Going to the Inauguration. Thanks (We Think?) To Our Partner, Longreads!


Check out the food
Some great BBQ in DC -- check out that TV show with Spacey
Um....have a great time?
Bon Voyage Sydney & Heidi. I'd like to attend a US Presidential Inauguration just as a novelty politics aside (I'd like to go whether it be Obama or Trump). In addition to initiating a new President of the Republic, it also celebrates the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to the next. It is indeed, a hallmark of our democracy. I believe Obama & Trump would agree with that.

Have fun.
Better you than me; it sounds like a real dismal affair. Good luck out there.
Don't accept any offers, however tempting professionally, to interview Trump one on one.
Enjoy being part of history and enjoy D.C.
Happy and safe travels to D.C., and thanks for the coverage, Sydney & Heidi.
You have tougher stomachs than I do. I hope you both can still enjoy Washington, D.C.
@5: Personally, I'd rather barf on Trumpzilla than interview it.
More interested in the demonstrations than the inauguration. Can't you be outside covering where the real action is? We need to know about the protests on the 20th and the Women's March, of course, on the 21st. But --- there will be protests aplenty on the 20th. That's what we want to see. We are otherwise boycotting all coverage of the inauguration (nothing personal) -- that boycott is national - turn off your t.v.'s . Do not watch the inauguration.
I'll be in DC too, and Baltimore. Maybe see you there!
You ladies should include yourselves in every story with selfies, etc. Your natural cuteness will provide needed life and counterpoint to the impending funeral dirge.
Stand up for what you believe in. Refuse to go.
Hooray for Groovestone! (Did you ever do T-shirts?)
I can already tell you how the article will go. Inauguration bad: Horrible and full of devil worshipers and nazis who want the money that most people dont have anyway and want control the world. Women's march: Full of glorious, social justice warriors in their corporate logoed wear like Nike, UnderGear, Adidas, North Face, etc. preaching to the man how bad they are while under-tipping service personnel at local restaurants (and unknowinly eating a lot of spit for all the other "demonstrations" that town sees where people act less than what they really claim to be). You should just give the travel vouchers to someone who needs them like a kid with cancer or someone who needs to see a dying relative who otherwise couldn't afford it.