Angela Merkel Is Now the Leader of the Free World


I'll have to remember to ask my Dad if he intended to put Birchers in charge of the US when he voted for *. He used to laugh about them when I was a kid.

Man this "orange julius caesar" line is some Andy Borowitz-level humor.
What about Finland?
Putin will move troops in there too
@3 Well, yeah, but....
What's peace ever given us anyway?
Gosh, Trump's really doing a terrific job countering those allegations that he's Putin's puppet, isn't he?
Why is he doing this. What have they got on him. Frightening stuff.
See which way he jumps on the current Serbia-Kosovo fracas ("But it's just a train!").

But wait, there's more:…

"Fuck the EU! - Exactly!" - Victoria Nuland & Geoffrey Pyatt…
@8 - "What have they got on him?"

This is a really interesting question. Because he doesn't seem to be blackmailable. The pussy-grabbing tape wasn't a problem. The Trump University scam wasn't a problem. The bankruptcies weren't a problem. The rape "allegations" weren't a problem. Even the "golden shower" (no, it's not a golden shower if no-one is getting pissed on, media) allegations weren't a problem, in spite of the fact that the source makes it seem that they're probably true.

Nothing can touch him. You can't blackmail him, because he's not ashamed, and his voters don't give a shit as long as he gives them the right to hate people who aren't white and straight. Whatever the Russians bring out about him, no matter how damning it is, it seems that he's very unlikely to lose support, and the American legislature clearly isn't going to impeach him. He can do what he likes.

So I don't think he's doing these things because the Russians have something on him.

Which raises the question - why is he doing it? Is it some sort of money-making thing? Or does he just really want to destroy as much as he possibly can?

There's no coherence to his plans, even if you view them as deliberately destructive. For example, he wants to do Russia's bidding, but he wants to destroy the Iran nuclear deal: you can't have it both ways, but he clearly thinks he can.

I think this is just an all-out destructive thing. Maybe Putin's promised him something - because I don't think Putin can be threatening him with anything - but maybe he's just being a dick because that's what he wants to do.

It is confusing. And weird. And scary. But I just can't imagine that there's anything you could blackmail him over.
Awesome! The Germans finally got what they wanted but couldn't get with Hitler! And the great thing about it is that the U.S. can finally completely pull out of NATO and pull all of our troops and defenses out of Europe, and Germany can take over NATO and THEY can deal with the Russians! And no doubt the Russians will be thrilled to be dealing with their old WWII nemesis instead of their former WWII ally.

Oh, but there is one thing: Angela you gotta stop letting in so many Muslim camel herders; it really isn't going to help that "leader of the free world" thing, well, unless you actually aspire to be the leader of the Muslim world instead of the free world.
What have they got on him? Probably sex tapes with minors. That would be prosecutable.
@13 sh1331. He must owe someone a lot of money then. He has family, grandkids, he doesn't want them disappearing.
And yes, I think it's a destruction thing too.
I watched a doco on trump and they showed some dinner where Obama humiliated trump, who was in the audience, big time. Humiliated him for minutes and minutes. Painful to watch.
He is going to punish and humiliate the whole world because everybody has made fun of him. And Jesus f Christ, he has all the tools at hand to do it. What a nightmare.
If trump is fearful for his life because he owes a ton to Russian mobsters, it could help explain his erratic tweeting. Jumping over subjects, throwing out sound bites, then moves onto the next one.
Fear coupled with rage that nobody is giving him the respect he deserves.
@15 - "
What have they got on him? Probably sex tapes with minors. That would be prosecutable."

Would it prosecutable, though? I'm not American, but my understanding of US rules is that if you're President, you can't be prosecuted for anything: you have to be impeached first. So if they don't impeach him, they can't prosecute him. That's what kept Silvio Berlusconi - probably the closest we have to a precedent for Trump - out of jail for so long.

So even proof of sex with a minor probably isn't something that can be used to blackmail him.
@16 - I think your second paragraph - the one about the rage - is spot on.