"The sticker covers her mouth, symbolically silencing her."
Nah, nobody though that far ahead. Just dickheads being dickheads.
@1 is right and this is a manifestation of an ugly voice in the marketplace of ideas - which is the pillar of our diversity.

Trouble is, the more we try to castigate them out of our "safe zones", the more emboldened they become.
And ya know what ya do? Don't give them the time of day. That's exactly what those fuckers want.
@3 They won't need the time of day if you clean their clock.
@1&2 - how in the world do you know the intention of the person(s) who placed these stickers? Hmm?
@2 are you just a random word generator?
@5 I've lived in this state all my life and interacted with these people. They aren't deep thinkers, they are dumbos. What's important now is that we spend all day bogged down trying to figure out what their intentions are, on a website that most people don't use or care about. Definitely @ me to question how I know stuff. It's a good use of the website and will definitely put an end to this sticker fiasco.
Report it? OK. I'd like to report white supremacists disguising themselves as "the alt-right point of view" at Can anybody take a look at that?
One of the better and more effective confrontations of the KKK I've ever heard involved their planned march in a town, the townspeople coming out in great numbers to watch, and then collectively mooning the KKK, then laughing. The KKK never came back.

The concept of "white genocide" is absolutely laughable. There is no factual basis, and it distorts the meaning of 'genocide' to simply 'losing some entitlements' granted due to privilege.

And as Wm. Gibson points out: "Privilege doesn't feel like privilege. It feels like the way things are. No reason to be aware of it." -- So if you don't think you have any privilege, you simply aren't aware of the ones you have.

The Klan has come back, twice. Once in 1915, and then again in the late 1940's.

The thing about America is, we go through waves of moral panic. Look at the periods historians call the 'Great Awakenings' for example. These were periods of passionate religious fervor that washed over the country. The first began in the 1500s, and crashed in 1743. The second ran from the middle 18th century to the middle 19th. Then the middle 19th to the early 20th. And then again from the 1970's to the present. Each time it began small, peaked, and then crashed.

We're seeing the peak of the latest wave. It began small, with the Jesus freaks and the Schaffer crowd in the 70's, gained strength in the 1980s but remained something of a joke (remember when PTL stood for Pay the Lady and everyone laughed at the little joke ad Larry Flynt made about Jerry Falwell? Nobody's laughing like that anymore), reached new heights under W, was still powerful under Obama (even he had to be overtly religious to stay in power) and now we're here.

The Klan does the same thing.

Our nation is bipolar and off its meds.
@5 - I'm sorry that you can't accommodate sociological extrapolations. Given that, you are quite correct in that we don't truly know their intentions.
Yeah, pretty much impossible to say what the intent of the sticker over the mouth is, though I'm inclined to agree that it was fortuitous ignorance on the part of the sticker placers. For starters, they did a lousy job of centering it if that was in fact their intent. And I also agree w/ @7 in that these dumbshits aren't likely capable of spelling symbolism, let alone actually employing it in a contextual gesture.
You misunderstand completely.
Contrary to
"...diversity's meaning is clear: anyone who isn't white isn't welcome"
Assholes who posted that fear that
"...diversity's meaning is clear: anyone who IS white isn't welcome"

Just think about it.
It's a distorted view of the world but that is their fear.
@10: Donald needs his meds, that's for sure.

When the government targets a population by race, and then pledges all its resources to find anywhere there are “too many whites,” and then openly goes after community, or county, or state, or country, that is WHITE GENOCIDE.
@15: whut
@15 please do tell me more. I'm afraid I don't quite follow, yet, but I'm so interested to hear your understanding.
@15: No, you fuckwit, neo-Nazis think that allowing racial diversity will lead to the end of white people through interracial marriage making everyone a mix. Man, you can't even get your own side's crackpot ideas right.
@15 As someone descended from people murdered in actual genocide.... go fuck yourself.
Back in the fall racist fliers appeared in Ballard, Udist, etc but the Stranger didn't feel a need to cover it.

This page links to a map showing the locations of those flyers:.…

@15 - Would you be willing to provide some specific examples? Because I've never heard of the US Gov't "going after" white communities... What does that mean, exactly?.. "going after"?
@15 - Do you mean like this?:
"Jewish community centers around the country were again targeted with bomb threats Wednesday morning, a week after a spate of similar threats against many centers. [...] Threats were made to at least seven JCCs in California, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, Delaware, Tennessee, Massachusetts, and North Carolina last week."
Here's another perspective on ''whiteness":
Whiteness in America is a different symbol—a badge of advantage. In a country of professed meritocratic competition, this badge has long ensured an unerring privilege, represented in a 220-year monopoly on the highest office in the land.

"Genocide"? my ass.
Remember - three lines down and to the left, with the thickest marker you can find.
@20 If you see more of those fliers, please let us know at!

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