Self Center Records

Run by the excellent local electronic-music producer Tim Held—with initial help from Head Like a Kite's Dave Einmo and Animals at Night's Graig Markel—Self Center Records recently dropped Compilation Volume 1, a 10-track collection of adventurous and beguiling electronic music by some of the city's most interesting artists. It serves as a bulletin announcing that SCR will be a potent force in Seattle's underground electronic-music scene.

Some highlights of Compilation Volume 1 include Madeleine Cocolas's grandiloquent synth hymn "Epimetheus," Head Like a Kite's Tortoise-like exercise in creepy disorientation, "Return to Order," the Orb-like interstellar pulsations of Leave Trace's "Celluloid," Naturebot's suave breakbeat percolator "Hello," Diogenes's eerie, tintinnabulating trap joint, "t.a.r.p.," Tim and Tess's minimal-wave charmer "Stutter Punk," and Held's own twisted electro jam, "Nocturne for Narcissists." Check out the whole thing below.