Redwood Pie
I made this pie for the Redwood's staff Thanksgiving party one year because I love any excuse to use lard and also worn-in dive bars that are full of happy memories. The Redwood

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Lotta disheartening news this week, sorry. Obviously, the Redwood receiving its final stay of execution tops that list, but I want to save the worst for later in this post. Let's begin instead with the world of beer.

Say Goodbye to Big Al's Beautiful Cable Spool Patio

Big Al Brewing, White Center's craft beer veteran, gave up the ghost on January 14. Owner Alejandro Brown gave us the sad news via Facebook, citing "many contributing factors that led to this decision," but declining to name them. According to Seattle Met, however, it has a lot to do with the city's brewery explosion, a thing that Big Al Brewing helped light the fuse for.

It's a goddamn shame they're closing the place before summer, because the patio—an open gravel yard with a bunch of cable spools—was a marvelously sun-and-beer-drenched summer chill spot. However, after perhaps the most adorable, heartfelt thank you to his wife, in which Brown expressed his profound gratitude for her willingness to jump "right off a cliff" with him in starting the brewery, he said there are more cliffs in store. So, maybe more good local beer and unfussy patio areas to drink it in?

On That Note, There is Some Good News

Burdick Brewing, the South Park upstart whose airy, wifi-enabled taproom got shut down by the city due to a befuddling rule about drywall, has a new spot. They'll take over the former Stockbox Grocery location in May, they recently announced via Instagram.

More Marmite

Bruce Nafalty's new soup joint is serving a full lunch menu now, reports Eater, which is definitely a positive development. Maybe I was wrong to be so dismal about this week...

Oh Wait, I Forgot About the Tech Industry's Unending Quest to Make Modern Life a Socially Isolating Shithole

The CHS Blog did some excellent sleuthing on the new 10,000-square-foot retail project planned for the ground floor of Pike/Pine's AVA luxury apartments. According to the keen eyes of the crow, it looks likely to be a massive Amazon Go grocery store. Ugh. Just yesterday, I had a friend text me to request "an article about how bad the Amazon Go store will be for future unemployment," adding that, "Unemployment will be crazy with self-driving cars, worker-less grocery stores, and so on and so forth."

That post has been written several times, but I will say that, while I understand some people (people who have spent years of their life only having internet friendships, perhaps?) would prefer to take a self-driving Uber to the employee-less grocery store for their weekly supply of soylent pellets or liquid kale or whatever the fuck we'll all be subsisting on in Y Combinator's basic income barracks, I kind of like human interaction. Call me crazy, but I think a world where we actually speak out loud to one another, even if only for the purpose of purchasing Extra Toasty Cheez-Its and cheap liquor (#NewYearSameMe, bitches), is a better world.

Anyway, there is a bit of silver lining to the furthering of Seattle's conversion into a glum, alienating technopolis: One of the condo project's other tenants will be a popular international ramen chain called Tentenyu, says the crow. Perhaps their rapper-approved brothy offerings could lure some of those condo dwellers downstairs to at least dine in physical proximity to other humans, even if they don't look up from their phones for the duration of the meal.

Not Crying Wolf This Time, Just Crying

Unlike the first time I wrote about the Redwood closing, they're actually closing.

Support The Stranger

I thought I had more words to say, but I guess I said them all back in 2014. So just...I'll miss you, old friend.

At Least Seattle is Blessed With a Bunch of Other Good Bars...
And, literally, with Good Bar, which joins other Seattle cocktail spots, Canon, Rob Roy, and Tavern Law on Food & Wine's list of the Best Cocktail Bars in the U.S.

Though Food & Wine was freakin' out over their forward-thinking cocktail list, my love for Good Bar lies in the fact that they've never once asked me if I'm in the right place when I stop in all sweaty and disheveled from skateboarding for a pint of pilsner and some of those perfect pickled eggs of theirs.