The Morning News: Seattle Church Commits to Protecting Marginalized Groups, Bellevue Sees Spike in Hate Crimes


It'd be nice if there were some numbers to go along with hate crimes being up 50%.

And maybe include this blurb,
"It doesn't appear that it was based on the fact that the people who worshiped there were Muslim," Mylett said. "It seems like it may have been a personal vendetta."

It just seems odd to me to conflate a headline about hate crimes increasing without any data, and then include a crime that may not be a hate crime.
Why is the Islamic Center of Bellevue arson brought up in this article? Very lazy "journalism" at best. Try to stay on topic.
-complain about lazy journalism
-is a dori monson fan

My sides.
@3 It's just socially acceptable shorthand for signalling that they're racist. Carry on.
Maybe I shouldn't say this, afflicted as I am with terminal White Maleness, but this "womxn" term I keep seeing offends my every editorial impulse. I literally flinch a little when I see it. Whatever happened to the also objectionable, but at least somewhat linguistically defensible "womyn"? I assume it has to do with some vague chromosomal associations with the letter "y," which really doesn't deserve to be so pigeonholed?

At any rate please tell me it only pertains to this march, and will be mothballed in future uses of the English language.
Yea I mean why not charge a homelessess mentally ill man with a hate crime? I'm pretty racist for wanting to separate those two totally different crimes that have nothing to do with each other. Lol.
"...Bellevue was destroyed in a suspected arson attack, allegedly committed by a homeless man."

Try this mind experiment. Think back to the last time you read crime reporting in which the accused was described as a housed. Yeah, I can't recall one either.

While the accused may be homeless, it was his mind-set, not his housing status that led him to allegedly set the fire.
@5 - It offends my editorial impulses too. It's someone's silly idea trying to gain steam. If it does, males should return the favor with "mxn".
@8: If my suspicion on the reasoning is correct, maybe "myn" is more appropriate? I don't know, I can't keep up with the kids these days.
I can't help reading it as parallel to "Latinx", so it would mean "woman or women", so it would be inclusive of singular, plural, numberqueer, etc.