What would people who've been living in Seattle a year recommend to new arrivals? We thought, perhaps, that the newcomers would be totally off base and name really lame places, and tell people to hang out at Pike's Place or party on Cap Hill. (Editor's Note: It's Pike Place Market and Capitol Hill, or "The Hill," never Cap Hill. Stop calling it that right now.) But we were pleasantly surprised. Here's what they had to say…

Nathan Liechty
Nathan Liechty, 25, customer service and repairs at Cascade Designs, moved here October 2016

Best neighborhood in Seattle?
Right now it's West Seattle. After six years of living in small towns in Eastern Washington, I wasn't ready for all the shenanigans of Capitol Hill or Ballard. I just wanna eat good food, look at mountains/waves, and go to bed at 9 on weekdays. And some weekends. Most weekends.

Best restaurants and what to order?
Little known place called the Costco deli. I dig the neobrutalist decor and putting a touch of bread under the cheese wall they call pizza was an inspired touch. Solid food value. Also, the pork banh mi at Saigon Deli in the Central District or Beacon Hill or Issaquah or whatever the fuck it is. [Editor's Note: He probably means the International District.]

Best bars and clubs?
I'm too poor for that shit. I like light beer on porches. BYOcozy.

Best coffee?
Slate. But the homer in me also says anywhere serving Olympia Coffee Roasting Company beans.

What are some secret spots that no tourist would ever know about?
I recently learned that every public street that ends at the water is mandated to have public access. There are some gems of little beaches and swimming holes to be found.

What are some things you know now but didn't know then?
How to get off the West Seattle Bridge.

How do you get through Seattle winters?
Winter used to be the worst, particularly when I lived in a 2,000-person town in Eastern Washington that didn't really have public gathering spaces. Now that I'm in Seattle, and on any given night of the week I can go and find people to drink/bullshit/flirt/ski with, winter is no problem. People are there, go find them and do fun things with them. Also, nothing in the world is better than escaping an inversion weather pattern. When the valleys are bone-cold and filled with fog, finding a way to pop out on a ridge top to bright sun and 15-degree-warmer weather is blissful. Go ask [meteorologist] Cliff Mass about it.

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