What would people who've been living in Seattle a year recommend to new arrivals? We thought, perhaps, that the newcomers would be totally off base and name really lame places, and tell people to hang out at Pike's Place or party on Cap Hill. (Editor's Note: It's Pike Place Market and Capitol Hill, or "The Hill," never Cap Hill. Stop calling it that right now.) But we were pleasantly surprised. Here's what they had to say…

Emily Bright
Emily Bright, 24, retail marketing / visuals, moved here January 2016

Best neighborhood in Seattle?
Ballard. It's quiet(er), and you can spend all day weaving up and down the streets, hitting up some happy hours, and finding little trinkets along the way.

Best restaurant and what to order?
Art of the Table for a special occasion, Fogon for a cheap and generous happy hour, Dino's Tomato Pie for a quick slice or late night pizza with friends, Fonda la Catrina for dinner (drinks are spot on and so are the chips and guacamole while you're waiting), Paseo for a killer sandwich at lunch, and the Wandering Goose for brunch.

Best bars and clubs?
Sun Liquor is a good one for mixed drinks and small neighborhood thrills, Peddler Brewing Company for a good beer and trivia combo, Cha Cha Lounge if you're trying to get a little crazy and prey on the drunk, and Hellbent Brewing Company for all of your dog watching/food truck/creepy Lake City needs.

Best coffee?
Seattle Coffee Works.

What are some secret spots that no tourist would ever know about?
The Pink Door. (It may be in Post Alley, but most people are too shy to investigate the unmarked entrance.)

What are some things you know now but didn't know then?
Lake City is not cool. (Also, short-term leases are a great decision if you're blindly moving to a new city.)

How do you get through Seattle winters?
Slap a rain jacket on, and laugh.

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