Savage Love Letter of the Day: Mouth to Vagina Sores?


"Accidentally celibate?" ...There I was officer, driving along, minding my own business, and BAM! I don't know how it happened, but I didn't have sex for 5 years! And then, to top it all off, I think I think I may be at risk for contracting a non-sexual sexually transmitted infection! My genitals (which have nothing to do with sex), are scared!
and go to your doctor and get prescribed for Valocyclivir, which you keep on hand and take as soon as you can after getting a cold sore. I've used it twice and haven't had a recurrence in a year.
Dude, Donny @1, have a bit of sympathy, eh? Kick the LW when she's down, why don't you. Often I hope readers click over to the comments; I certainly hope this one doesn't.
Continue to be careful with hand hygiene when you have a cold sore I say. If you need to put medication on it use cotton tips. Dr Sarah Pentlicky doesn't have it quite right because there is in fact a type of finger herpes called a herpetic whitlow which is directly caused by herpes simplex types one and two. It seems quite rare fortunately but it won't hurt to keep being careful and hygienic right? Then you'll be absolutely fine.
Throw away your toothbrush every time you get one. Not kidding. It helps.
I'm concerned about the tampon LW. Make sure it's organic cotton, no additives. Good to see you looking after your sex.
Sex is not just coupling, it's the long term management of one's primal energy. As long as a woman pleasures herself, she can live a great life.
Celibacy, for a woman, can be very strengthening. For a man too. Look at HHDL. Strong guy.
I got vaginal type HSV1, (verified by herpes researchers as an initial outbreak. I was a guinea pig for them in exchange for treatment ) I had not had any sexual contact with another person for 3 months. I have always thought I gave it to myself while masturbating with saliva. I've never had a cold sore. Mystery still unsolved. Drs assumed I was lying, or didn't understand what sex meant. 24 years ago..
I had an incident where I passed HSV-1 to myself through my partner's saliva. I had a canker sore (not even a cold sore!), she kissed me deeply and then went down on me, and 7 days later I had a similar sore on my labia. It was diagnosed as HSV-1, and there was no other explanation for the sore. We'd been monogamous for over a year and she was not a carrier. So, it can happen, but it sounds like the LW is taking precautions.
Herpetic whitlow-- an occupational hazard for some of us.…
Ugh. This subject. So much misinformation. First of all about 75-90% of the population has hsv1. We almost all get exposed as small children. A much smaller amount actually get the cold sores. They're both common and blown off and the butt of constant ignorant herpes comments/jokes. You can also be exposed Years and YEARS before you ever have a sore pop up. So getting a cold sore shortly after "this thing that must've caused it?!", means nothing. You may have gotten it from preschool in 1991, and low and behold an immune system shift allowed a sore to pop out many years later.
Obviously I'm going to assume that the LW has correctly diagnosed the kinds of sores she has, but for anyone like me, who was told that oral sores are all HSV-related, you should look into whether you have cold sores (HSV-1) or canker sores (apthous mouth ulcers, non-contagious autoimmune inflammation).

If they're painful white ovals surrounded by redness inside your mouth, they aren't contagious and you should consider changing your toothpaste if it contains SLS.
@11 Are you saying that most of us have dormant HSV1, and it can give a vaginal outbreak without any kind of sexual contact?
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