Watch Barack Obama's Last Press Conference as President of the United States


He went out of his way to NOT take credit for GLBTQ progress over the last 8 years.
One thing I will greatly miss is a president who speaks in complete sentences without a script in front of him. Someone who gives evidence of being a clear thinker. For his successor, "word salad" best describes his speaking style, with clearness of thought nowhere in evidence.
And what is your take on that?
(I haven't heard it so I offer no opinion in any way.)
My take is that for a politician, he is humble and gracious. If we can imagine Trump making strides for GLBTQ rights (hard to imagine of course...) he'd brag about it every step of the way on Twitter, and then give himself a Medal of Freedom.
He gave credit to activists and people who took real risks in the past.
Thx. My take as well. Thank god the USA that he is around and that Secret Service continues to take care of him.

Final analysis on the real POTUS:

Taking into account my disagreements with BHO,
this political transition is from the sublime to the ridiculous.
@4 Worse, Trump will do all that he can to damage the rights of as many LGBT folks as he can, and then stand up there and pretend he's been the second-coming of Harvey Milk. Pretty much the same kind of thing he's going to do for every minority, and really everybody else as well.
@7 Yep
Twice legitimately elected President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and daughters Sasha and Malia will be greatly missed. They're a class act. After 8 years' worth of undoing the senseless damage by Bush / Cheney, and dealing with what--69 GOP attempts to dismantle Obamacare?!---the Obamas leave the Oval Office without a scandal.
Trumpzilla, bought by the Koch Evil Empire, has been nothing but scandal, spewing raw sewage every time it opens its putrid mouth.
Fuck me, the press licking his balls. US media are a disgrace.