What would people who've been living in Seattle a year recommend to new arrivals? We thought, perhaps, that the newcomers would be totally off base and name really lame places, and tell people to hang out at Pike's Place or party on Cap Hill. (Editor's Note: It's Pike Place Market and Capitol Hill, or "The Hill," never Cap Hill. Stop calling it that right now.) But we were pleasantly surprised. Here's what they had to say…

Heather Stiles
Heather Stiles, 41, social services, moved here about a year ago

Best neighborhood in Seattle?
Pioneer Square—it's beautiful. Public transportation is never more than a couple of blocks away, and while it's close to everything, by 11 p.m. it's mostly quiet, unless it's a game day.

Best restaurants and what to order?
Food trucks in Occidental Park are the best for lunch. Fish and chips, buttermilk battered rabbit, banh mi, Chicago style pizza, and on and on. For dinner I'm partial to Cantina Lena before heading to Cinerama for a movie, or Poquitos for dinner before a show at Neumos. Talarico's in West Seattle has the best slice of pizza and great karaoke.

Best bars and clubs?
Whisky Bar in Belltown is lovely for sitting and chatting. Flatstick Pub is great to watch a game and/or get in a round of mini golf while drinking local beers and ciders. The Bar Shop/Trinity Nightclub is lovely for craft cocktails, atmosphere, and dancing.

Best coffee?
Zeitgeist Coffee.

What are some secret spots that no tourist would ever know about?
The waterfall garden at Second and Main is a great place to have lunch or just sit and read a book.

What are some things you know now but didn't know then?
Avoid Third Avenue altogether if possible.

How do you get through Seattle winters?
Hot chocolate, scarves, and flannel sheets. Spending time with friends and getting as much sun as possible during daylight hours helps to keep the seasonal depression at bay.

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