This guy.
This guy. Pete Souza / White House Flickr Photostream

• Decency, intelligence, and compassion

As our Lt. Governor, Democrat Denny Heck will fight for justice.
He took on Trump to protect our Democratic values. It's time for his proven progressive leadership.

• Grammar

• His Lincoln-esque ability to translate sadness (his father abandoned him when he was a toddler) into rhetorical uplift benefiting the whole country

• His bringing us back from the brink of economic collapse after the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression

• His saving of the auto industry when right-wingers were crying, "No gubmint bailouts!"

• His singing abilities:

• His connection to the artistic life of this country

• His friendship with (and support of) the creator of Hamilton

• His friendship with Jay-Z and Beyonce

• The leadership he exhibited in finding and executing Osama bin Laden

• The leadership he exhibited by taking a stand against the Iraq War and yet also being the guy who got bin Laden

• His creation of the Affordable Care Act and the extending of health care to 20 million people who didn't previously have it

• His knowing he didn't deserve the Nobel Peace Prize when he won it

• His signing of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act

• His withdrawing of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan

• His hounding of the Chinese (along with HRC!) to sign the international climate treaty

• His not being an out-of-control reality-TV narcissist

• His beautiful family

• His sense of humor:

• His commuting of Chelsea Manning's prison sentence

• His efforts to put 22 million people back to work through his policies, making him "the biggest job creating President in U.S. history"

• His lack of personal scandals

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• His championing of literature and contemporary novelists

• His championing of history and historians

[The author of this post is unable to continue list-making because the tears are overwhelming...]

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