Wake Up Early Tomorrow for KEXP's Peacemongering Bed-In as Trump Takes the Oath


I saw this on JZ's Twitter feed and all I could think of is why? Why attack an idea that is designed to help people feel better on a day that will be one of my worst ever and def. one of the worst for our country. I think it's great that John Richards and KEXP are doing something to help distract me from the shit show known as Inauguration day. I really hope that people will do whatever they can to help tomorrow as tolerable as it can be and be nice to each other. There's a LOT of shit to criticize like the fact that so many people didn't bother to vote or that the media didn't take Baby Cheetoh serious enough to win the Pres. nomination. Let's go after things like that instead of attacking mutual friends who are only trying to help make Seattle and the world a better place as John does everyday. Can we just TRY and give Peace a Chance? Please? JZ please go pick another battle. One that's worth winning as this one clearly isn't.
.@1..well..because as we used to say in the hood, ' haters gonna hate '.
JZ right. This is stupid white people shit.