The Morning News: Inauguration Chaos Begins, Seattle Sued for Homeless Encampment "Sweeps"


From the KOMO link "Police are still looking for the shooter. Detectives said the shooting may be gang-related and believe the bullets may have been intended for an empty car parked nearby."

Has the attorney general considered banning gangs too ?
No map of local safe spaces open to the public today? I'm going to be on the road and it would be handy to know where I can duck in for a quick kumbaya.
@2 I didn't realize the local democratic party had klan members, or maybe you should give reading a try

"...the kind that WA Attorney General Bob Ferguson is trying to ban..."
@3, I think all bum carts are now "safe spaces" thanks to the aclu. maybe climb into one of those...
@4: Herr Kraut was confused and was thinking about the Federal AG nominee AL Sen. Sessions.
@5, good advice. I'll be okay once I get home (Broadway and Harrison), which is the world's safest space for human feces.

So, you're the one I keep seeing handing out copies of The Watchtower outside the QFC?
@8, no?
Why was someone shooting at an empty car?