Live from the Seattle Student Walkout


And let's end the misogynistic attitudes that too many Muslim men have towards women all over the globe.
@1 You forgot Christian men, Hindu men, Buddhist men, Zoroastrian men, Shintoist men.... The list just goes on and on. It is just simpler to say end misogynistic attitudes. No need to list all the different subgroups of men.

Doing so doesn't add anything to the conversation it is just your weak attempt to try distract attention from your own misogynistic attitudes.

@2 thank you, you beat me too it!
As they're covering their bodies due to a rule made by men that women (property) shouldn't show skin, by threat of death.

Tell me more.
#4 These same men probably (most certainly) look at porn. The women they are married to and their families are their property and no one can see as much as a bare arm.