Well, Frank and Donald did have dinner together.
"And now, the end is near;
And so I face the final curtain"

Yeah, that sounds about right...
Let's hope tomorrow's protest isn't just a one-day event, but actually gets people off their butts (and away from social media) to do the real work of politics.
[impotent screeching intensifies]
I don't know, the speech seemed to be missing something. Maybe a couple of qualifiers wherever the word 'people' was used.

"Jan. 20, 2017, will be remembered as the day [ignorant white] people became the rulers of this nation again."

I'd say if anyone had any doubts that fascism has descended on this land the orange one cleared that up for them today.
So were we ruled by robots or super-intelligent mollusks before today?
@7: You only need one adjective, so which one do you prefer: ignorant or white?
Trump taking over the Executive Branch of our government is a grievous turn of events. This has the cold-sweat feel of the beginning of a fascist regime, with martial law, curfews, and the iron boot of oppression. There's really nothing to stop him if he can sustain effective control of the FBI, evict reporters and even the Secret Service from the White House, maintain his own private security force, and keep the Pentagon happy.

So, by all means, let's make fun of him, but for Christ's sake (and ours), this is some fucking serious shit.

I honestly do not believe that, whatever transpires in the next few months/years, the entire nation will go down the road to fascism. We're just too big of a country, and too divided: politically, philosophically, economically, culturally, racially; to ever become the sort of mono-culture that universally adopts that kind of authoritarianism. I'm not saying there won't be large swaths of the country that could go in that direction, but it's also pretty clear there would be a lot of overlap, geographically-speaking, and the enclaves of resistance will be large and virtually impossible to bring under-heel.
@10: Indeed. Those are important points you outlined.
I think people will die. I think reporters will be murdered during this president's term, I think disloyal and opposition politicians will be assassinated.
@11 - I wonder if the former Yugoslavia thought the same thing, especially so close after the winter olympics.

But you probably think this will lead us to some sort of bernie-led socialist paradise WHICH NEVER FUCKING HAPPENS when a conservative is elected. Only a bunch of hurt and pain.

@10,13 - What they said.
@3: 10,000 imaginary marines? because 1 literal marine could easily stop you.

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