This weeks cover illustration is by Kevin Cannon
This week's cover illustration is by Kevin Cannon

Because of The Stranger's flood of Inauguration coverage, there's a definite possibility you missed some of the stories that came out in the paper last week—and it was a pretty hefty special issue: a primer of everything a new Seattle resident might need to know about this fine Pacific Northwest city.

This digest has been put together as a reminder.

Among the New to Town stories:

Advice to Seattle newcomers from newcomers, which finds Seattle newbs (who've been here around a year) telling other newbs where to eat, drink and hang, and how to survive Seattle winters.

Heidi Groover offers an introduction to Seattle politics, while Sydney Brownstone gives a breakdown of Seattle's homelessness crisis.

The Stranger Staff discuss how long you have to live here before you can bitch about Seattle's most annoying qualities (traffic, construction, the weather, et. al), provides tips on everything from where to get your hair cut to places you can grab a decent meal at 1 am, and shed light on what the rental market is like, from "aPodments" to luxury one-bedrooms.

There's also Charles Mudede's alternate history tour of Seattle ("This is the city you will not find in a brochure")—and there's a video tour, too!

Also in this week's issue:

My review of the new(ish) HBO documentary Bright Lights, which looks at the relationship between (late) mother-daughter force Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher; plus, Marc Mohan's look at the Annette Bening-helmed 20th Century Women and Ned Lannamann's take on Michael Keaton playing The Founder of McDonald's.

In music, Dave Segal remembers Chris Vandebrooke, the troubled former Engine Kid drummer who was killed last month.

Rich Smith waxes on the combination of domestic drama and trans kid fairy tale in Seattle author Laurie Frankel's new book, This Is How It Always Is.

In food, Tobias Coughlin-Bogue returns to enduring classic Ristorante Machiavelli, and ponders whether it's deserving the praise it gets or just a Capitol Hill nostalgia trip.

Charles Mudede interviews this week's Person of Interest, writer/curator Negarra A. Kudumu, while in weed, David Schmader chases the 9 to 5 high with Cody and Jack.

And of course, there's perennial favorites Savage Love and I, Anonymous.

There's Free Will Astrology, too.

What are you waiting for? Get to reading!