Billionaire Paul Allen's Upstream Music Fest + Summit has tapped legendary soul-jazz composer/arranger/producer Quincy Jones, Grammy Award-winning/thrift-store-frequenting rapper Macklemore, and Kill Rock Stars president/cultural anthropologist Portia Sabin to deliver keynotes speeches at its inaugural event, which happens May 11-13 at several downtown Pioneer Square venues. According to Upstream's website, these talks, which will serve as the foundation for the event's conference agenda, "are intended to spark smaller, more focused break-out sessions where attendees can dig into themes of globalization, data and analytics, streaming, and industry collision and how they relate to their artistry or industry."

As Sean Nelson noted on Slog last August, Upstream "is conceived as three days of performances, exhibitions, and conference-style presentations dedicated to exposing and promoting the music and music economy of the Pacific NW, with special attention paid to the crossover between music and video games, tech, and film production." You can purchase tickets to Upstream here.