An activist locked to Dakota Access pipeline construction equipment in early September.
An activist locked to Dakota Access pipeline construction equipment in early September. Sydney Brownstone

While it should not come as a shock to anyone, this is some bullshit: Donald Trump, who lost the popular vote by 2,864,974 votes, has signed orders to revive the Keystone XL pipeline and to push forward the Dakota Access pipeline which was brought to our attention this summer by the protesters at Standing Rock. From the NYT:

Critics denounced Mr. Trump’s decisions. “Donald Trump has been in office for four days and he’s already proving to be the dangerous threat to our climate we feared he would be,” said Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club. [Here's their press release on the subject—eds.]

Environmental activists vowed to keep fighting the projects. “This is not a done deal,” Bill McKibben, founder of, the group that led the protests against the Keystone pipeline, said in a statement. “The last time around, TransCanada was so confident they literally mowed the strip where they planned to build the pipeline, before people power stopped them. People will mobilize again.

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In regards to Keystone, while energy analysts say that one additional pipeline will neither cause extensive damage to the environment or grant much in the way of energy stability, it does undercut our country's vow to slow global warming, and is a very slippery slope that will allow Trump to continue his path on putting the needs of business above all else. As for the Dakota Access pipeline, we already know it's an affront to the native people nearby and will block their access to water and spiritual land. You can read much more about that here.

So what can you do? Donate or offer your services to No on Dakota Pipeline (NoDAPL) campaign and the protesters at Standing Rock—because it's only going to get uglier from here. Download Indivisible, read the Resistance Manual, contact your reps, and take another look at our Trump Resistance Playbook. Just because Trump says it, it doesn't mean we'll do it. As the Women's March taught us this weekend, we outnumber him.