What Does Resistance Look Like? For These Americans, It’s Lobbying Their Senators Every Week on #ResistTrumpTuesday


This is so awesome.
they should franchise it and do it all across America.
Who needs voting when you've got this totally awesome thing here to do....
screw voting.
@1 I'm gonna blow your mind right now: You can do more than one thing. You can protest AND vote. You can write letters AND vote. You can make phone calls AND vote. I don't know if you know this, but we don't actually have things to vote on every single day.
Alas, you didn't.
Vote, that is.
Which, admittedly, did blow our minds.
For which we thank you,
Again and Forever.
Hi Rich: Please stop calling us "the liberal Tea Party". We are the Indivisible Movement.
Thank you.
For more information about Seattle Indivisible, please visit our website at https://www.seattleindivisible.com. We publish a daily call to action and organize weekly Resist Trump Tuesday rallies. The more people who take action every day, the stronger our voice!