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Heidi Groover concludes that:

This was fucked up to the max. For a considerable period of time, passengers on Link were informed that they had to get off at Tukwila Station and catch a bus to the airport. No reason was supplied for this change in service. And according to several people I spoke with, no bus showed up and they had to walk from that station to the airport (a very long walk). These instructions were nothing but lies and deceptions! Heads must roll for this at Sound Transit. We are paying $54 billion not to get dicked around like this. Democracy, Sound Transit, is your function, and nothing but democracy brought you into existence. Tonight was your darkest hour.


Sound Transit spokesperson Geoff Patrick said:

"The trains were stopped for 30 minutes—a request by the Port of Seattle police. Service resumed after CEO Peter M. Rogoff directed that [service continue] having ascertained that there were peaceful protests. He thought it was appropriate to resume service."

As for why the decision was made by the Seattle Port of Police, he said, "I'd rather you ask them [Seattle Port of Police] that." The protests started at 5 p.m. and by 7 p.m., over a thousand protesters were in the airport. This is not a closed case. As Dow Constantine made clear in this and following tweets, an important decision about Link service was made in the complete ignorance of the senior level:

Sound Transit blocked protests at SeaTac>
Sound Transit blocked protests at SeaTac? Charles Mudede