Hahahaha yeah right whaevz
See some of Dow's tweets at

Don't blame higher ups at ST. Sounds like lower peeps there listened to Seatac police without checking internally.
Cops are fascists. There, you are shocked.
I have rarely sung Charles' praises, but thank you for covering this relentlessly. A spotlight needs to be shined on this.
Mudede, you should realize that Seatac is a separate city and it's police don't answer to Ed Murray.
This is a fucked up situation but the ignorance from Charles, who should know better, about who's calling shots at Sound Transit and Port of Seattle is inexcusable. I'm sure that Seattle's mayor may have relevant officials contact information but both agencies are well outside of the structure of Seattle's municipal government.
I rarely think highly of you, Charles, but in this we are together.

#6, The Port of Seattle keeps a force separate from the SeaTac PD (which is a very small force, so small they frequently use officers from nearby jurisdictions). In my basic search, it appears that PoS officers in the end answer to the King County Executive Dow Constantine. PoS board members are elected at large at the county level, so a county body controls them.

You did get the "not Murray" part right though.
Chucks has become such a local rube. If his meager employment only afforded the occasional visit to his beloved Euroland, he'd have figured out the re-routing of trains is a common occurrence to manage the flow of protesters and footie fans. Inconvenient. Not anti-democratic. Wuss.
No one has trolled at Charles about how it's his fault for having a private car?

Seriously, this is some bullshit, thanks for being on it. Every public-facing organization might find this a good time to clarify their policy, for the low-level managers getting requests from cops. What to comply with, when to call the company's oncall lawyer, and lots of promises from the CEO to back you up for following written policy.
This is very scary, that police or politicians could order reroute of these trains. Can they also lock the doors and trap people inside anytime they want?

That Vile Orange Excrement has greatly endangered all of us, especially Americans abroad and our military. How could these people be so incredibly stupid, as to think they can do this without retaliation. This administration is ISIS' best recruiters! They need to be arrested and tried. Notice that they're only targeting countries where the Orange Bigot doesn't have business interests! Meanwhile Ryan and McConnell sit by doing nothing to stop these monsters crapping on our constitution! What's next? Secret police disappearing people in the middle if the night? Concentration camps? Imprisoning judges and legislators who oppose him? Martial law?
I'm glad that Our Dear Charles did some twittering about this, but I'm disappointed that a "journalist" would have so little knowledge of how our local government is organized. It's really not all that difficult. A few minutes with a map and a visit to the Sound Transit website would put everything in order.

As far as the service disruption is concerned, it does seem really silly. Even if the trains were packed with protesters, what does bypassing the station accomplish? They already had a crowd, and it was not likely to grow by much more on a Saturday night - and if you aren't letting people off, you're also not letting people on.
Has the line expanded south, or is SeaTac still the end of the line? How can you bypass a station that's at the end? That's outrageous, and I'm glad to see most commenters here agree on at least that!
@13: Angle Lake station, south of the airport, opened last year.

I'm actually somewhat surprised by just how outraged I am at this. Thanks, Charles, for staying on this.
ST is run by a bunch of assholes but you haven't noticed because you're so wild about transit.
How about waiting until we learn the facts on Monday before forming a lynch mob?

Let's discover the chain of events and who was involved. The ST CEO reversed the decision as soon as he found out about it, so let's give them the opportunity to explain.
Given that the Port Authority also closed the AirTrain at JFK to stop the protests there, and had to be overruled by Cuomo, I suspect what's needed is an investigation into the role of the Ports nationally and who ordered this.
@16: One of the level-headed
Reminds me of when they cut cell service in San Francisco to stop protests.…
@14 Thanks for setting me straight!
Yeah, all cities are run by the police. That is what happens when you have an occupying army of fascists in your city.
Thank you, Charles, for offering another informative article.

@11 iseult: I share your growing concerns about the vile Trumpzilla and its dupes marching in KKK-lock step. Global resistance is required to slay the GOP. Viva la revolution! We must organize, unify, and never give up. Silence is what Trumpzilla and its dupes want--they're cowards and bullies.
@16 Original Andrew: I would like to know more before jumping to conclusions. Was the Seattle Transit CEO in full charge of the decision? An explanation from ST would be good. Could Dow Constantine of King County have overridden the stoppage ordered by ST?
Sound Transit should not be the arbiter of the First Amendment. Citizens have a right to protest. Unless there is an immediate threat of violence or riot, then Sound Transit (an entity of the government) should not be preventing citizens from attending a protest. This isn't merely an inconvenience. It is an abridgment of the First Amendment.
Proud of the bay area right now. Our airport and regional transit system actively support the protesters.……
@1 Who's head? There's no operator in the world that would defy an order from Port Police. They aren't busy reading twitter while they're piloting those trains, they have no idea if there's a peaceful protest or a violent one or what's going on.

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