Live from Seattle's Emergency Protest Against Trump's Immigrant and Refugee Ban


You are all lovely people. Sorry I missed the march, but I had a sick kiddo.

@1 - Sick kiddos are totally legit. We are out there for you. I'm sure you'll be out next time.
REMINDER: Consider putting your cell phone in "Airplane Mode" during street actions, so that it doesn't get picked up by IMSI Catchers/Stingray devices....
Meanwhile... Bannon has been installed on the National Security Council... while two members (not loyal enough) have been kicked off. Turmoil at the highest levels!
wow - a totally sane comment from Chris Vance:…

@4: Wow, indeed.
that's absolutely incomprehensible for me. What have we become? Stay strong, Boston MA with you in protest. dissertation writing service
It's interesting o me that these seven specific countries were targeted. Let's look at who is no on the list.

1) Saudi Arabia. Bin-Laden's hometown. Strongest presence of Wahabi's in the Middle East. Atrocious human rights record. Home of all but one of the 9/11 hijackers. Why isn't it on the list? Oil, baby, oil. And one hell of a lot of money.

2) Pakistan. Bin-Laden's last hideout. The ISI knew he was there, and didn't do anything about it. Why aren't they on the list? They got the bomb, that's why.

3) Kuwait, the UAE and Qatar. Three of the world's last holdouts for feudalism. Foreign workers come there looking for jobs, only to get trapped in inhumane conditions and used as slaves. News agencies are full of opinions and utterly devoid of facts when reporting on their home countries. Women have zero rights, and if you're gay, run like hell. Why don't they make it on the list? Money, money. So much money, they don't just have private islands for their billionaires- they custom make islands win the shape of palm trees for their billionaires. Oh, and guess who's got casinos in all three countries?

Now, who is on that list? Countries that are war torn and so full of civil conflict they can't pose a threat to the US. Countries so destitute and corrupt they're this close to being a failed state- not exactly an investment friendly environment. In other words, there's no way for Trump or other capitalists to make any money there. So if we screw them, our billionaires don't lose any money.

It's all about the money.
@2 Protest without using our cell phones? But then how will we virtue signal for "likes" on social networks? Isn't that the entire point? Not to mention unintentionally getting fellow protesters doxxed by taking pictures and videos and posting them online for anyone to find. The police and federal agencies don't even need Stingray at this point. We willing give away our own information, along with that of everyone else at every protest.