Washington State's Attorney General Is Suing the Trump Administration Over Its Travel Ban


Hell I'm about to tears just reading.
I'm pleasantly surprised. While I generally agree with Inslee's politics, I've been disappointed with him at times. His heart is often in the right place, but he is occasionally a bit ineffectual. I'm glad to see that he, and the AG, have grown a spine.

More like this, please, silent democrats.

I'm so thankful for this, Herr Gropenführer has elevated that Vile-Boil-Bannon above our generals and national security people! If this unconstitutional, immoral ban is allowed to stand, they'll go after other groups - next up could be blacks, women, or Asians:


"Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon suggests having too many Asian tech CEOs undermines ‘civic society’."

Our state definitely has standing to sue, with how dependent our economy and higher education are on immigrants and foreign workers/researchers/students.

This administration is already ignoring Native Tribes' civil and treaty rights, suppressing civil protests, and threatening free speech and an independent press.


We really need to be careful and vigilant. It takes a lot of time, effort and sacrifice to gain freedom and civil rights, but very, very little time to lose them. Some people might not realize, but women in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Pakistan used to have much more freedom and civil rights in the 1960's and early 1970's than they do now. And here in the U.S., "Land of the Free", just look at how much the GOP and their $$$ overlords has managed to strip away from workers and women in just the last 10-15 years!

It's a perfect divisive issue for the WH. Baits public opinion both ways. Tests the loyalty of DHS & CBP. Useful media coverage for Bannon's elevation to... the NSC ?!?

Watch that they next create an issue over "undocumented" people.
Also, if the rumor of an anti-LGBT order is also true, that will be delightfully divisive as well.

Man, these people are insane.
There is a chance this lawsuit will go nowhere. When the State, County and City go against Federal law concerning immigration by inacting Sanctuary Citys and (yes, safe places to shoot up. And I'm very mixed on this) there is some hypocrisy there.
So sick of privileged white people talking about issues that change other people's lives as if they were mere wedge issues, so much political theater.
@7. If it is so bad, then move! You are in one of the most Bluest States in America, the bluest County and the Blueist of the Blue Cities. Problem? Try a MLK strategy, March where tragedy is, Europe or the Middle East, not where everyone is on your side. Who do you expect to really hear you here that isn't already on board?


Jeebuz, can you please use spell check before you post? And maybe do a grammar/syndax evaluation as well? It's the freaking 21st Century; there's no excuse for this.
Wait, how was this published at 6:54 PM? It isn't 6:54 PM yet.
How I love seeing "State of Washington (Plaintiff) v. Donald Trump (Defendant)"!

Pretty sure the legislatures of the "Bluest States in America" don't get held in contempt of court for failing to fund their schools. And respond to the State Supreme Court by more failing to fund the schools. They pull your Blue State Card for that shit.
I bet Trump wishes he could fire Washington's AG just like he did his own.
I don’t know Bob Ferguson’s history before he became the AG, but he’s been a badass in that position.

I agree that it’s good to see at least some Dems getting passionate, but I’m waiting for someone to say something like:

This Executive Order is cowardly. A group as small and vile as ISIS doesn’t get to dictate who comes to this country and who doesn’t. ISIS doesn’t get to tell us that we need to stop embracing immigrants and refugees. ISIS doesn’t get to influence the policies of the United States of America, and it especially doesn’t get to throw aside our core values. We have military, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies in every nook and cranny of the world, but we’re still so scared that we need to use refugees as human shields? We’re going to build a wall on the border with Mexico, and now we’re going to keep out anyone who has been unlucky enough to live in a place where ISIS has a presence…. maybe we can get federal money so we can board up the spaces where someone could crawl under our beds too. This is embarrassing. For God’s sake, let’s act like adults. Let’s act like decent people. Let’s act like Americans.

"I’m waiting for someone to say something like:"

No need to wait, you just did.
@15 High-five. Right on the money.
Finally, a WA AG that will ensure Sharia law.