Here's the Latest on the Arrests at Sea-Tac Saturday


Thank you for following up on this, Heidi.

Potential bright spot in this mess: I have observed multiple victims of police misconduct become very interested in matters of police transparency and accountability. Look behind many so-called serial requesters (of public records held by police) and you will find incidents similar to that which the people who were targeted by police violence at Sea-Tac last week experienced.

Arresting people then releasing them without charge, away from the demonstration and/or after it has ended, is an extremely effective way to neutralize a political demonstration without all the hassle of prosecution and zero need for incriminating evidence. However, when police assault protesters, those people typically are charged--with assaulting a police officer. The more I have spent observing the policing of protests, the more evident these patterns have become.
Lies by Renton Police. I was watching Kent's live FB stream prior to the incident. He did not push. The police were using bicycles as large barricades and pushing against the crowd to force them back aggressively.
@2: There just might be some cameras at the airport, recordings from which would be useful for confirming or refuting Renton PD's claims.