Bike/ped advocate Andres Salomon is running for mayor.
Bike/ped advocate Andres Salomon is running for mayor. salomon campaign

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This mostly got lost in the flurry of other city news yesterday, but Mayor Ed Murray has drawn his first serious* challenger for his reelection this year.

Andres Salomon
is an Ecuadorian immigrant, safe streets advocate, and software developer.

He's promising to focus on road safety, "modernize and upgrade Seattle's zoning," stop sweeps of homeless encampments, push for municipal broadband, and kill the plan for a new police precinct in north Seattle.

"The progressive values of some of our leaders, unfortunately, fall short when it comes to issues of transportation, housing, policing, and technology," Salomon said in a statement announcing his candidacy Wednesday. "Our welcoming city must do much more to be affordable, safe, and livable for all of us and our children."

The Seattle Globalist reports he would be Seattle's first Hispanic mayor.

*I say "serious" here not because there's necessarily a clear path for Salomon to beat Murray but because he's the closest to a significant challenge Murray has so far.

The only other candidates who've filed in the race are perennial city hall nuisance Alex Tsimerman, Mary Juanita Martin, and Keith Whiteman, none of whom have reported any campaign contributions. Martin, who also ran in 2013, is a member of the Socialist Workers Party (not the same as Kshama Sawant's party, Socialist Alternative). That year, she raised no money and got 1 percent of the vote in the primary. Whiteman lists his political party as "common sense."

Salomon has a significant hill to climb considering Murray's name recognition, early union endorsements, and, oh right, $230,000 in campaign cash. Then again, Seattle has some experience with long-shots.