According to Trump, Belichick once kissed him and told him that he "loves" him.…

Obviously we need to take anything Trump says with a metric ton or two of salt, but coupled with the bizarre, out of character letter that Belichick admits he did write to Trump right before election day, maybe it is true.

Also, Tom Brady is afraid of strawberries. And they cheat.
Truth be told, most Falcons (Georgia) fans voted for Trump and mos Patriots fans voted for HRC. As an Eagles fan, I loathe them both. As a sports fan, if we rooted for a team based on their players ideology, we wouldve stopped watching football a loooong time ago. No offense, but seahwaks of past were as right wing as any. Steve Larr?
Massachusetts went for Hillary 60.0% to 32.8% Trump
Atlanta went from Trump 50.5% to 45.4% Hilary.

I'll be rooting for the Patriots.

Kraft and Blank are both very rare birds, Dem-oriented NFL owners. That is perhaps a bolder position for Blank to take in GA.

But still, Go Pats!
The idea that Brady is a cheater is just like the idea that Hillary is a serial liar: both false (Ideal Gas Law anyone), but both repeated so many times that dumb people believe it to be true.
Kraft was recently asked what the country needs to fix and he answered income inequality. So that Trumpian storyline isn't what it appears to be. Blank seems pretty OK for an NFL owner too, actually. So the lesson is, the NFL needs more Jewish executives. Don't be a putz! Root for the Pats!
@4, I suspect you mean Georgia went for Trump 50.5% to 45.4. I couldn't see Black Atlanta voting for Trump, but Red State Georgia beyond ATL, yes.
Super Bowl Sunday is my birthday. I grew up in New England. My whole family are Patriots fans. I live on Cap Hill now. Seriously, fuck the Pats! The best birthday gift the universe can give me is for the Pats to loose so I don't have to deal with my relatively liberal family turn a blind eye to how awful the Pats really are and swoon over Trump's goons.
@6 I agree. Tom Brady is as much a cheater as Hillary is a serial liar.

The NFL suspended Brady for four games (but that was shot down by a court over technical issues).
Lol wow someone is clearly just upset that the Seahawks are just a mediocre team at best. GO PATS!! TB12 GOAT.
And the Pats win. I didn't watch the game, I don't care. But seeing this upset feels like when the light left the eyes of Democrats when HRC lost. It feels so good to relish in that collective liberal disappointment, again. God it's almost as good as that first high.
DUDE - this... was... very, very prescient and genius:
"But who’s going to win? The Patriots. Obviously. This is Trump’s America now. The only question is how? Catastrophically boring blowout or heartbreaking comeback that reminds me of the time they did that to the Seahawks? My money is on the latter."
Because this is the year of the surprise comeback of evil shit you thought was safely put away. Didn't you feel it when Atlanta was up 28-12? That the next thing that happened might be like, unexpected Brexit or Trump winning the election?
There were a few brilliant quotes in this like how Tom Brady "embodies the blasé banality of white supremacy as he says dumb shit like, “I’m a positive person” when asked about nationwide protests"... just saying, I found your site by googling "superbowl patriots triumph of evil". So, yeah. Here we are.
This is the most entertaining article I've ever read. Very creative fiction. Surprisingly though, you actually had one correct prediction, "The Comeback" and also that Trump is basically a clueless moron. The piece reveals how biased and opinionated (to the extreme) you are. You've shown that you are on the same level as Trump.

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