Washington State is ready for its close-up, Mr. History Books.
The lady is on the beat! Great news. American heroes rising.
I'll be so relieved when all of those families are reunited, and people can return to their jobs and schools. I can't even imagine getting caught up in this national nightmare.
great news, but... "restraining order?"
Oh, how embarrassing. And after they'd carefully reviewed and revoked over 100,000 visas in the last week...
Let's see if the US Marshals and the CBP actually follow this new court ruling...

Because, ...what happens if they don't?
Does it matter if federal agents are going to ignore the order with impunity?
@8, We'll then we've got this the 25 point declaration by Beau Willimon, the creator of (US) "House of Cards":…
@5, a temporary restraining order (TRO) is the speediest thing that can take place; hopefully that will end up being a permanent injunction.
Why isn't there already a federal restraining order and international ban on Trumpzilla?
Seriously---I'd love to see Trumpzilla get exiled to a frigid outpost in Siberia if it loves Putin so much. And let's deport all the GOP swamp creatures and dupes with it, too.
Thank you, Sydney, for reporting; thank you Judge Robart for making the only just ruling, and thank you, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, for being among us to speak out against Trumpzilla's dangerous and corrupt un-Constitutional actions.
Props to AG Ferguson and Judge Robart for putting POTUS "ON NOTICE".
Kickass. Nice work.

Trump/Bannon don't want to go full coup at this point, over a court order on this one. Even the Republican Congress is not entirely in line already. They'll test what they can get away with, every time, but they'll save the big move for a constructed national emergency.
Hard to get visas have already been revoked, so the RO wouldn't seem to help those harmed who HAD valid travel documents.
@ 15

In other news:
I hope Senator Cantwell is paying attention. Run,Judge Robart, Run!
Beware of (his) paybacks to our state and Minnesota. There are many more intelligent well educated and wealthy persons in Wash. and Minn. than there are in the Senate and Congress. Maybe he will learn that tweeting and being Pres. don't go well together, especially when the moron is angry things aren't going (his) way.

If payback is what Bannon has in mind, looks like he's going to have to spread that around a bit more than to just a couple of states. I guess he just didn't anticipate that a large segment of the Judicial Branch would actually engage in exercising their Constitutionally-mandated "checks and balances" over the Executive Branch.
I sometimes (read: a lot!) complain about the rainy weather in Seattle, having moved from New York (hey, we have full seasons, extreme cold and hot!) but I have never been more proud to be a Washington state citizen and a Seattle resident, than now. AG Ferguson and Judge Robart ain't taking no shit from the so-called POTUS! To refer to a previous headline: Potus just got checked and balanced! Booya!!!

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