Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin, Shotgunning Forever
Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin, Shotgunning Forever Credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images News

It’s been an eventful week for cannabis news as the industry tries to discern marijuana’s hazy future under the new Trump administration, and some states decide on whether on-site or public consumption is something they want.

Also: a new cannabis-based vaginal suppository hits the market, Valentine’s Day gifts for stoners, and Seattle’s one “beautiful dispensary.”

Trump Cannabis Advisory Group Is Not Actually an Official Advisory Group

The buzz out of Colorado is that Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett was among 14 district attorneys from across the country chosen for a group that would advise the Trump administration on marijuana policies. But, as it turns out, the group is “not an official arm” of the Trump administration, just a trade group that will offer their opinions to the administration in the form of a policy recommendation letter.

Meanwhile, Nobody Seems to Know How Trump's SCOTUS Pick Neil Gorsuch Feels About Marijuana

Or how he would rule on cases that fall into the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction. Weed News documented a few cases he’s voted on previously to try to try to figure it out, but concluded that Gorsuch “hasn’t provided a whole lot of hints.”

Republican Lawmaker Seeks to De-Schedule CBD

A Republican in Congress has been introducing bills on cannabis reform—and it’s not what you would expect. Virginia lawmaker Morgan Griffith wants to shift the classification of cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule II, and to de-schedule CBD as a drug completely, which means it would be easier for medical patients to get access to cannabis and for scientists to use it in their research.

“You Put Your Weed in There…”

Ladies! If you suffer from menstrual cramps, this might be more fun than Midol: a new cannabis-based vaginal suppository has hit the market called Fioria Relief, which contains both THC and CBD, and is designed to provide pain relief without inducing a high. So, maybe not more fun, after all. Note: Fiora Relief has not been approved by the FDA as yet, and so far, it's only available in California and Colorado.

…But not THERE: Alaska Votes “No” on Allowing On-Site Consumption

In a 3-2 vote, the Alaska Marijuana Control board voted not to allow on-site consumption of marijuana. The rules would have meant designated smoking sections for customers in marijuana retail stores to try out cannabis products. Denver, meanwhile, voted to allow the “social use” of cannabis in designated spaces, and a bill is being introduced statewide to allow marijuana consumption “clubs” to hit the scene.

Spokane is Getting Hella Irie

Marijuana retail sales in Spokane County jumped 162 percent in Washington state's 2016 fiscal year. Don’t bogart that joint, Spokane!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Stoners!

The Weed Blog has a really fun list of stoner treats to give your sweetie for Valentine’s Day! But if you're in the market for marijuana-infused lube, read this first.

Leafly’s 10 Most Beautiful Dispensaries: Seattle Only Had One!

Leafly just voted on the top 10 most beautiful dispensaries in the nation: “beacons,” as they described them, “of cutting-edge design, uncommonly elegant décor, and one-of-a-kind aesthetics.” Only one Seattle dispensary made the list: Vela in downtown Seattle, whose beautiful entryway and space marks an “otherworldly departure from dreary Seattle days.” Weed shops can do better, Seattle!