Where, oh where are our delicate little mudflecks on the alt-Right to rail against the complete unfairness of the Judicial Branch having the gall to exercise their Constitutionally-mandated authority to strike down orders from the Executive Branch that blatantly violate the law?

Oh, right. They're all for "following the letter of the law" - only so long as it's a law with which they happen to agree...
Thanks for the wrap-up, nice to see this info in one place.

Watched video of Judge Robart speaking from the bench today and I wasn't just excited by his ruling, but also—and if you can indulge me on this tangent for a minute, it's something I've only just had enough time outside the state to become acutely aware of—the judge's mega Seattle accent.
Given the public statements of President Trump and his surrogates, the executive order does appear to be a Muslim ban masquerading as an anti-terrorism measure. That doesn't mean a court will throw it out.

Under U.S. Const. art. I, § 8, cl. 4, Congress has the power to pass immigration laws, and in the Immigration and Naturalization Act, 8 U.S.C. § 1182(f), Congress delegated power to the President to "suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants." President Trump has the statutory and constitutional power to exclude aliens from countries he deems a threat.

President Trump's power to ban is not constrained by the Fifth or Fourteenth Amendments. The Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses protect only current holders of visas or other documents; they do not protect new seekers.

The Establishment of Religion Clause of the First Amendment is also unlikely to constrain President Trump. Under the Lemon test, a facially neutral government action whose effect privileges certain religious practices is nonetheless permissible so long as the action has a primarily secular purpose. If President Trump can show that the seven banned countries do indeed have serious problems with terrorism, his executive order will pass the Lemon test and will not be barred by the First Amendment. Because each of the seven countries is either a state sponsor of terror or suffering from widespread terrorism, President Trump will have an easy case to make.

The President's power in this arena is strong. The likely truth that he is motivated by bigotry will not necessarily render his actions illegal. Opponents of the President should expect defeat on this issue and will need to look to some other issue on which to fight him.
Do we have an accent?
You don't need to jump around to all those different sources to read the case filings - the Ninth Circuit very kindly set up a page devoted to the case, and it appears they're waiving the usual PACER access charges:…
@7: see also: RECAP. It turns PACER around.
Sorry to derail, but
@6 Despite what I actually learned in school there, EVERYONE has an accent. It can be subtle, but Seattle has some unique pronunciations and cadences.…

And yet, I still say "aygs."
Judge Robart is previously known for taking very little shit in oversight of the Seattle police. Seems like a mensch.

To state the obvious: personalized attacks on a judge for making a ruling that even if you don't like it was predicted as a likely outcome of the city system -- this is bullshit. In the technical sense: they don't care about true or false, they're going purely for effect. They lather up the nasty part of their base, and they place extra-legal pressure from the executive branch onto the judicial.
The Seattle area often says "bag" like "beg", at least that's how my immigrant ear describes it. "Prevelar raising", there's work on it by UW's Dr. Wassink and students.…
AG Ferguson & Judge Robart make me proud to be a Seattleite.
GO, AG Bob Ferguson and Judge Robart!!!! Bravo!
Off topic but…
I sincerely hope that you're wrong, but just in case you are not wrong, thank you for painting yourself as a target, hopefully that may draw fire away from more sincere dissidents. Kudos to you for being a standup martyr of the highest caliber, I intend to respect and honor the memory of your diversionary tactics by fulfilling your wish that you be promptly forgotten.
Listen to what your canine master is telling you, dogs are widely recognized for their undistracted and thoughtful deliberations and furthermore ...SQUIRREL!!!

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