Guess Nordstrom needs to hire more security now.
She is not pushing hard enough it seems. Push harder Ivanka...
Its unseemly for a nominally grown up person to complain so much about unfairness.

I'm sure that, in other contexts, Donald Trump would be the first person to remind you that life isn't fair.
You can still order from Ivanka online:
Guy born on third base complaining about the unfairness of not being waved in home...
Correction, it's
From everything I have heard (ehhhh) Ivanka appears to be the only sane and competent one out of that batch.

But you know, it is a free country, and Nordstrom can choose to care what it chooses to carry, and let the market decide.
Anyone with any positive values or personal integrity would have rebuked Twitler's fascist, racist, sexist, xenophobic campaign over a year ago. He openly ran on a platform of racial hatred and ethnic cleansing. The bizarre assertion that somehow Ivanka and her husband Jared are "the good Trumpissts" is laughably absurd.
The fact that anyone uses twitter anymore is hilarious to me....Twitter is for old people and's so...2008...
@7. Correct. In fact, Nordstrom went out of their way to say that the market did indeed decide. They stated (and inventory research showed) that they had been reducing their stock due to falling sales. In short, whether from boycotts or just plain product ennui, the market said no more Ivanka.
1) if she pushes him to do the right thing, why doesn't he?
2) Nordstrom has built a brand loyalty that Trump could only dream of
3) He should know better; it's just business
@5 - Donald Trump wasn't born on Third Base; he was born on Second, stole Third, and acts like he hit a Home Run.

I don't think Trump can run a whole 90 feet...
Rudolph Hess was the nicest Nazi.
@11: In this case she is a terrible human being, so her conception of right and wrong is already fucked, having been raised by Trump.
I have pets that whine less than this president. And cats are like the universe's greatest whiners, when they're not getting their own way. I thought my cat was the queen of whining, but I now realise she's a rank amateur.
Nordstrom stock is...up.
the invisible hand of the market has spoken... but it's unfair to the Donald so we must change the rules.
It appears that people would rather go to Nordstrom's than to the Trump inauguration!
We are talking about potus using his office to promote a family member's business and fortune. Makes "Billy Beer" seem classy.
If she wasn't his daughter, I'd date her myself.
@15: Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka have been close friends for years; so your commentary is innacurate and demonstrates your closed mindedness.
@23- That is not a convincing argument.
@23: Ruth Bader Ginsburg was close friends with Antonin Scalia. Doesn't mean Scalia wasn't a giant steaming pile of weasel poo.

Bwaahaahaa lmaorotfpimp...agreed!
Cinner @ 25 - What I want to know is: how many weasels does it take to make a giant steaming pile of their poo?

Not that I disagree about Scalia being one.
Apparently Ivanka and Jared were able to hold off the Administration from executing a religious liberty order, a development that disproves these hateful comments about her. Politico

At the risk of invoking Godwin's Law, are you actually resorting to the good old "even Hitler liked dogs and children" argument?
@29: Yes, you took a risk and it's pathetic. If you'd rather believe that Ivanka is a vicious racist homophobe solely because of her parentage so that it suits a popular narrative, despite evidence to the contrary, then you lose credibility.

Coming from you, that's a compliment!

After she hawked her bracelet after showing it off while sitting in with PresDad's meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister, I think that's what soured it with her potential customer base. Tacky. Not classy.

And once you sour that image, sales primarily based on that image rather than substance, are going to go down. Retailers aren't so excited to stock stuff that isn't selling.

If it was just Nordstroms, you might have some sort of argument that it was retaliatory for something or other, but I don't see any other department stores clamoring to pick up the line.

Not only are other retailers NOT "clamoring to pick up the line", more seem to be dropping it as fast as they can. When T.J. Maxx dumps you, you know you've been dumped.
First they came for Nordstrom's and I didn't say anything because I shop at REI. . .
@32 - Agreed, her appearance in those meetings and showing off a bracelet on 60 Minutes was tacky, and let market forces do their thing.

But as much as some love to rake her, and Melania, over the coals for just being related to Trump, it gets old and stupid.

No, they get raked over the coals because they continue to publicly enable a sociopath who also happens to be a pathological liar and a serial sexual predator...
I don't see people being mean to Marla Maples or Tiffany, because they have the good sense to keep a solid distance from the orange poopyhead. Being related to 45 isn't the issue. Being related to him, and using the relationship to sell shit is the problem.
@27: it depends on the size of the weasel making the poo.
@35 I think you're missing the point. Which is:

@36 Aaaand... They were mostly trafficking in his "luxurious" aura in the first place. The more he spoils it by being a very public petulant, insecure crybaby, and unbelievably thin-skinned bully, the less value there's going to be in the name. They never really made that name for themselves. They've just been travelers on his.
From an article I just read, it appears his tweet didn't actually hurt Nordstrom's at all...he's the boy who cried wolf at this point
@39: So what? Just because they're ostentatious? Their marketing their products is of no consequence to anyone, and they were doing that before Donald announce for the presidency.

I understand your anger, but no reason to be like that guillotine loving mob in The Tale of Two Cities.
@23: Yes, we know you voted for Trump and love that family of wretches and steaming hot garbage.

If Trump is taking moral lessons from his daughter she's a piece of shit as well.

Your endorsement of the whole clan reflects poorly on yourself.
@35: "let market forces do their thing."

This is exactly what happened you whackadoodle.

Yeah, NBD, because of course we remember all those times the Obama's were pissed that people stopped buying THEIR clothing lines and steaks and vodka and golf resort vacations and staying in their hotels, and they all went on Twitter to complain about it incessantly in an effort to punish the companies responsible and make their stock valuations tank, and, you know, just so they could feel GOOD about wreaking petulant, spiteful revenge on people who didn't like them.

Oh. Wait...
Some good words (about Nordstrom)
This chain was always good to me and the like-minded, going back to the days when I still did all my shopping as a man.
Few years ago, after coming out, I applied to get their credit card and asked for an additional one under my femme name. Someone called few days later, said this is the first such case he had heard of, asked few questions in a very respectful manner, and assured me I will get both cards within a week, which I did.

It should be also noted that Nordstrom featured models of different ethnicities and body types way before most other retailers.
@42: No, I didn't vote for Trump. I voted for Hillary Clinton. I did, however, vote for Mitt in 2012 and if he had been elected Trump may have never ran to oppose Mitt's re-election.
@43: But you're not opposed to the market forces causing Ivanka's declining profits I suppose.
@44: No need for the same old comparison. It doesn't apply anymore in the Twilight Zone.
@45: Fits in with all the good Nordstrom experiences I've had and heard about.

That is cool. I am glad they treat you well. I have also seen Santas of color in their downtown store.
CMD @ 45 - That is so cool! There is progress being made in this world.
At the moment Nordstrom still has some marked down shoes for sale. They have reviews, same as Amazon. You click a thing and type in your opinions about the Ivanka shoes. You have to create a login first.

But then you could say whatever you want about Ivanka shoes. It's weird but at the moment the shoes have dozens of good and bad reviews but none of them are having any fun with it.
@45: CMD, That is a good story. I have always liked Nordstrom and between them dumping Ivanka Trump (though not as early as I wished they had) and the way they respected you, I will happily shop there if I ever again have the means to do so.
My almost-80-year-old mother, a Trump-despiser, and a Hillary-voter, takes an odd response to this and acts as if Ivanka is a child--like Barron Trump--and that therefore it's "unfair" to go after her. I don't know if this is a symptom of dementia.
nocute @ 53 - It's a symptom of age. Not wanting to see themselves as old, old people start treating everyone who's younger than they are as if they were children.
@53, one symptom of youthful stupidity is speaking patronizingly of people older than you are. Just one symptom of many, though.

As well as the Japanese PM/bracelet event, she also hawked her Republican Convention pink dress in her ads.
@53: It's simply her opinion.

Image that.
What an unfolding story, and now the AG has been decided. Ivanka will just have to deal the best she can, like everybody else. These are turbulent times.
Since corporations are people too now Nordstrom's is just as entitled to join the political fray as ivanka is.
45, you reminded of my fave Nordstrom experience. My 6'1" boyfriend and I were shopping there for an evening dress and shoes for a work function. As we left the store I realized I was still holding a silver evening sandal I'd picked up to look at. He offered to run it back to the shoe department for me. He came back smiling broadly and told me the salesman had looked at the shoe, looked at him, and, in a neutral tone, no smirking, offered the information that that particular item was available up to size 12. We thought it was so sweet. And now I see it wasn't a unique experience.
I find it interesting that Nordstrom claims their reasons, for dropping the Ivanka line, were strictly a business decision, based on slumping sales and not a political decision. On the other hand, Macy's is reporting that sales of the Ivanka line has surged 18%, since the election. Seems like an odd disparity. I wonder if this "business decision", may end up costing Nordstrom, some customers, in fact a lot of customers. After all, if you look at the NY Times exit polls, from the November election, you will note that Hillary's largest block of support came from those voters making under 30k per year. Hillary also out performed Trump, among those making between 30-50k, per year. While Trump out performed Hillary, among those voters making between 50-99k, those making 100k-250k, and those making more than 250k. That being said, Does Nordstrom really want to appeal to those making under 50k, or those making over 50k???
#34 David - thank you for the laugh. Also thanks to #59 curtisp.
MGB59 - the only way Nordstrom could appeal to those making under 50k would be to significantly lower their prices. Not gonna happen.
Still Thinking, I agree with you, that it won't happen. Point is, most people that made over 50k, per year, voted for Trump, according to the NY Times exit polls. While most people that made under 50k voted for Hillary. So are most of the people, that are cheering on the Nordstrom decision, not really Nordstrom shoppers, just political activists that can't afford to shop at Nordstrom ? Maybe this wasn't a wise business decision, by Nordstrom!

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