Forty Five Minutes Passed Between When a Seattle Police Officer Saw Che Taylor’s Handgun and When Taylor Was Killed


Hi, I'm just wondering why there is not any coverage in the Stranger about the boy who was shot in Des Moines on suspicion of the carjacking hit-and-run incident in Sammamish. According to those close to him, the police came to a house where they believed the suspect in the crime was living (although two women were later arrested for that crime), and when the 17-year-old came out of the house carrying a liquor bottle, the police shot him many times. In local news it was barely reported that this person died, and he was repeatedly referred to as "an adult male." Although it is largely a he-said she-said argument over whether he was holding a gun or a liquor bottle, shouldn't this at least be a story? Does this happen all the time and so is not newsworthy? Unlike Che Taylor, this person was not actually in the process of committing a felony when he was shot. In fact, he was just walking out of his front door.
James Bible the Racial Arsonist!!!
Lester: s/a convicted who could not/a convicted felon who thus could not/
@1 raised a good question and I for one would subscribe to pay a reporter to cover every police killing of any kind within a certain area.
@1, according to the Sammamish Patch and a report on Q13, which was obtained from the Seattle Times, the 17 year old along with a 16 year old pulled guns on the cops.……

You really want to know why it's not reported? Because the victim in the drive-over attack in Sammamish was white, and the suspect in the hit and run is Ka’ Deidre Alana Rials – black. The two young men that pulled weapons on the cops are also black.

The reason it is not reported is because the race of the criminals and victims is inconvenient to sustaining the political artifice of whites shooting innocent blacks.
Okay, so now we have multiple witnesses corroborating the existence of the holster and gun long before any action was taken. This is sounding like a very reasonable exchange. Are any BLM people eying this case going to be capable of admitting that though? The cop-always-guilty approach isn't exactly winning minds.
Isn't James Bible defending the one-time Stranger contributor and accused rapist Matt Hickey?

In an unapologetically gun-happy society, you are going to get unapologetically gun-happy cops with itchy trigger fingers.

Grand Jury will find them (unfortunately correctly) within the law.

The issue that needs to be addressed is, of course, the gun-happy stuff.

If a cop assumes everyone is armed with heat, and any flinch can be called a 'move for a gun', s/he is willing to shoot anyone s/he encounters who might indeed flinch.

@10) Probably so.

To claim the gun was seen 45 minutes prior to shots is an attempt to establish that the gun was already there at the scene [implicitly not planted].

The GJ must believe that the cop saw the gun and did nothing about it until the [minority] detainee made a motion which the cop defined as pulling a gun.

Not seeing a gun, not seeing a gun in his hand, but a movement.

We all know the reality is that if an SPD cop saw a gun on the floor of a minority male's vehicle that within seconds s/he would rip that person from the car and start pounding his ass on the street, as per SPD protocol. {With rights reserved to shoot if the stupid fucker mouths off, of course.}

Hey zoner I am not going to argue anything I am just going to say my friend who was killed in beaver lake was from Guatemala he was not white.. so maybe just know all the facts of the story.