Every Single Republican Member of Congress from Washington State Is Hiding From His or Her Constituents


I've always believed politicians only see these meetings as a chance to provide lip service instead of accept feedback. Lip service doesn't do much when you're being sentenced to death or bankruptcy though.
We can't imagine how they could pass up an opportunity to hear the spoiled sore-losers pitching their screaming tantrums....
@4 Unlike the "winners" who are all acting very much like adults.
@4: Why do you hate Democracy so much?
Thank You.
Thank You Very Much....

That's adorable.
@7: So you can't answer, that's pretty much what I thought.

Interesting to note that Democrats were tough enough to speak with the t-bag loons and republicans are too cowardly to even show their little faces


You're killing us!!

You are just so precious!!!

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Cunty troll is cunty.
Seattle and America will be a better place when organizations like the stranger start calling a pig a pig instead of playing this stupid political game to get the left all worked up. Your article yesterday referenced Democrats that were not responding or doing town halls, but today it is all about republicans. Booooo!
I actually don't care if they hold four town hall meetings a year. I liked the idea one of the republicans had about doing it online so that everyone could watch and listen without going to a town hall. That is actually something I would participate in.
Can you show constituent meetings that are scheduled for Democratic members of Congress?
Maria Who? Patty What? I imagine they'll be around soon to pay a visit to Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing and JBLM and pick up their checks! Let me know how the next reelection goes. As one of the many working class here in exodus out of Seattle and Washington State, I leave it to all the wealthy here to pay their dine-and-dash ways from now on!

Maybe they're just, you know, too busy doing their jobs back in D.C.?

Also, don't let the screen door slam you in the ass on your way out - buh-bye!
On the other hand, the offices of Senators Cantwell and Murray have repeatedly said that they can't schedule any town halls or local office meetings with constituents because their schedule is DC is too crowded.
Murray and Cantwell have staff locally and in DC that are happy to take your calls (and may even arrange a meeting fi you ask). My cowardly republican congressman has shut off his phones (all three local offices and DC) and quit responding to email. I think he is starting to get the msg. Fucking coward.
Democrats should pass something with a public press conference that the Republicans would not want to miss an opportunity to show up in person. That might get them out of their bunkers.
Filing recall petitions sounds like a plan if they can't do their jobs
At Cathy McMorris Rodgers' office in Spokane, the windows are covered in paper, and her name plate has mysteriously disappeared off the building directory, like she doesn't want people to know where her office is. During a postcard delivery event, people were only allowed to enter her office one at a time, despite there being a 10 seat conference room, and chairs in the waiting area. But no, the elderly constituents had to stand for hours... and Cathy had the nerve to call them protesters! She has a lot to answer for.
Newhouse has been a surprising voice of (Republican) reason. He badmouthed the ban and co-sponsored legislation favorable to DREAMERS - two remarkably courageous and potentially politically fatal positions.
We need to oust Doug "Double-Dip" Ericksen, R-Ferndale, and self-appointed campaign manager for Trumpzilla. The GOP paid for his sorry, corrupt ass---D.C. have have him.

Pacifying the whining squalling Left isn't their job.

Hire a babysitter...
@22: I think you need one.
#22 is spot on. We'll have town hall meetings after the kids are put to bed.
@22 & @24: The Trumpzilla apologists out trolling are the ones needing babysitters.
Dan Newhouse is WA-4. Not 6.